Merritt RCMP arrested three kidnapping suspects


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dated: 2022-11-20 08:43:37 .

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Merritt RCMP on Saturday arrested and charged three men allegedly involved in the kidnapping.

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The arrests follow an incident Friday afternoon when gunshots were heard in the 1300 block of Priest Avenue.

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A dark sedan was seen driving away from the area and parked near an apartment building in the 1700 block of Nicola Avenue.

The suspects tried to escape, but were caught and arrested by the police.

The victim was found and was not injured.

Braeden Shane Drake, Mark Ethan Giesbrecht and William Joseph Lavoie were charged with taking a hostage with a firearm and trespassing without a lawful excuse for a felony. All are currently in custody.

“There has been a clear disregard for public safety in our community recently and we hope that removing these individuals from our streets will restore a sense of safety to the community,” said Merritt RCMP Sgt. Josh Roda.

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On Friday, Mounties said a caller reported shots fired downtown and a distinctive gray pickup truck with a maroon box was seen speeding away from the scene.

A truck with the same description, which police believe was stolen on Friday morning for the purpose of the shooting, was soon set on fire.

On Tuesday, RCMP said they were investigating “multiple shootings” that day that they believe are connected, but do not believe there is any further risk to the public.

Merritt Mayor Mike Goetz said RCMP told him about 100 rounds were fired Tuesday at three separate locations, including the Coldwater Reservation and along Mamet Lake Road.

RCMP Sergeant Josh Roda said in a statement Saturday that investigators are searching the area of ​​the recent shooting for witnesses and surveillance footage.


Merritt RCMP arrested three kidnapping suspects

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