Missing Poet Case Livestreamed: Ihc Opens Doors For Missing Persons’ Visibility

Missing Poet Case: IHC Allows Live Broadcast of Missing Persons’ Cases

Islamabad, May 25, 2024: The Islamabad High Court (IHC) has granted permission for the live broadcast of proceedings in all cases related to missing persons. This historic decision aims to shed light on the ongoing issue of forced disappearances and provide transparency in the legal process.

Comprehensive Investigation Ordered

In a landmark ruling, the IHC has directed multiple intelligence and law enforcement agencies to appear in person on May 29 in the case of missing poet Ahmed Farhad. These entities include:

* Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI)
* Military Intelligence (MI)
* Intelligence Bureau (IB)
* Interior Secretary
* Defense Secretary

Strict Scrutiny of Agencies

The court has also ordered the investigating officer to record the statement of the ISI sector commander under Section 161 of the CrPC. This move signals a departure from past practices and demonstrates the court’s determination to hold intelligence agencies accountable.

Institutional Collaboration and Reform

Recognizing the systemic nature of forced disappearances, the IHC has emphasized the need for collaboration and reform among all relevant institutions. The court stated that all agencies must operate within constitutional limits and work together to address the issue of missing persons.

Reporting and Transparency

The court has permitted live reporting of the proceedings, allowing the public to stay informed about the progress and developments in missing persons’ cases. This move is intended to increase transparency, bolster public trust, and hold authorities accountable.

Government’s Response

The government has been directed to submit comments on a series of 12 queries raised by the court. These queries delve into the procedures, accountability mechanisms, and compensation policies related to missing persons’ cases.

Accountability and Code of Conduct

The court has asked intelligence agencies to provide details of their administration and accountability systems. It has questioned the code of conduct of these agencies, their interaction with other law enforcement bodies, and their involvement in investigations.

Journalists’ Role

The Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists has been asked to comment on the impact of media reporting on missing persons’ cases and its potential to protect citizens’ rights.

Comprehensive Investigation

The Islamabad IG has been ordered to submit a comprehensive report on missing persons’ cases over the past year. The report should include details of any statements recorded from intelligence agency officials involved in investigations.

Court’s Stance

Justice Mohsin Akhtar Kayani, who presided over the hearing, asserted that the problem of forced disappearances extends beyond individual cases and affects the entire nation. He emphasized the need to end such practices and restore confidence in the legal system.