Nashville Symphony Adds Six New Concerts To 2024/2025 Schedule Obituary 2024

## Nashville Symphony Unveils Exciting Concert Additions for 2024/25

October 2024

– Copeland: Ixora Album Performance (October 20th): The rock band presents their album in its entirety.
– Tower of Power with Nashville Symphony (October 22nd): Funk and soul legends join forces with the symphony.

February 2025

– Vitamin String Quartet: Taylor Swift and More (February 16th): The string quartet covers hits from Taylor Swift and other popular artists.

March 2025

– Jersey Boys and Girls: Honoring New Jersey Artists (March 4th): A musical extravaganza celebrating legendary musicians from New Jersey.

May 2025

– May the Fourth: The Music of Star Wars (May 4th): The symphony performs John Williams’s iconic scores from the Star Wars franchise.

June 2025

– Bugs Bunny at the Symphony: 30th Anniversary (June 12th): The beloved Looney Tunes characters come to life with live orchestral accompaniment.

Ticketing Information

– Tickets for all six concerts are available for 2024/25 season ticket holders and $500+ donors.
– Single tickets for Copeland and Vitamin String Quartet are available now.
– Single tickets for Tower of Power, Jersey Boys and Girls, May the Fourth, and Bugs Bunny at the Symphony will be available on July 19th at 10:00 AM.

More Information

For more details and ticket information, visit the Nashville Symphony’s official website at [](