Nashville’S Notorious Pickpocketers Succumb To Law Enforcement 2024

Alleged Professional Pick-Pocketers Arrested in Downtown Nashville

Alleged Professional Pick-Pocketers Arrested in Downtown Nashville

Couple Suspected in Multiple Thefts from Unsuspecting Patrons

Nashville, TN (May 25, 2024) – A notorious stealing streak has come to an end with the arrest of an alleged professional pick-pocketing couple from Houston, Texas. Miledis Gomez Fonseca, 30, and Andy Alberti Diaz, 40, are now behind bars, facing a total of $160,000 in bond.

Security Intervenes at Jason Aldean’s Bar

Just after 1:30 a.m. on May 25, security staff at Jason Aldean’s Bar on Broadway noticed the suspicious behavior of Fonseca and Diaz. They alerted members of the Nashville Police Department’s Entertainment District Unit, who had been tracking the couple for weeks following numerous surveillance videos showing them engaging in thefts.

Stolen Property Recovered: Cell Phones and Wallets

During questioning, Fonseca admitted to having stolen property in her possession. Officers discovered four cell phones and two wallets in her purse, which she confessed to lifting earlier that night from patrons at Jason Aldean’s and Kid Rock’s bars. Three of the cell phones and both wallets were successfully returned to their rightful owners.

Investigation Continues: Additional Charges Likely

The investigation into Fonseca and Diaz’s alleged theft spree is ongoing, and additional charges are expected. Detectives believe the couple used fraudulently obtained credit cards from stolen wallets to make purchases at retail stores in Middle Tennessee.

Safety Tips for Visitors: Be Vigilant, Protect Valuables

In light of these incidents, Nashville Police Chief John Drake urges residents and visitors to be mindful of their belongings while enjoying the city’s entertainment venues. “It’s crucial to keep cell phones, purses, and valuables close at hand,” he emphasized. “Never lay them down or drape them over chairs or barstools. By taking simple precautions, you can help prevent theft and keep your valuables safe.”

Community Collaboration: Reporting Suspicious Activity

Chief Drake also stressed the importance of community cooperation in the fight against crime: “We encourage the public to report any suspicious activity or individuals to the Nashville Police Department. Your observations can be invaluable in helping to identify and apprehend those who would prey on unsuspecting victims.”

Citizens can report suspicious activity by calling the Nashville Police Department’s non-emergency line at 615-862-8600 or by using the department’s mobile app.