Obituary: Burton Oliver Frazer Jr. – A Life Remembered 2024


Burton Oliver Frazer Jr.: A Life Dedicated to Nature, Service, and Family

Burton Oliver Frazer Jr.: A Life Well Lived

A Legacy of Nature and Agriculture

Burton Oliver Frazer Jr., a man of deep connection to nature, was born in Middletown, Connecticut, on January 15, 1944. His early years were spent in Hartford and Wethersfield, where he fostered a profound love of golf while caddying at the Wethersfield Country Club.

In 1972, Frazer moved his family to a 60-acre farm in Benton, Maine, where he wholeheartedly embraced his passion for agriculture and forestry. As a Master Plumber, he also served as Benton’s plumbing inspector, demonstrating his commitment to his community.

A Dedicated Servant

Frazer’s service extended beyond his immediate surroundings. He proudly served the United States Marine Corps, stationed in Puerto Rico, and later joined the Cianbro Industries team, where he traveled extensively, contributing his expertise to various projects.

Upon settling in Stafford, Virginia, Frazer became an active member of his church community, where he earned the affectionate title “Brother Burt.” His unwavering compassion and desire to improve the lives of others were evident in his countless acts of kindness.

A Devoted Family Man

Family held a central place in Frazer’s life. He married Barbara Lee (Rohde) Frazer in 1965, and together they raised four children: Susan Graziano, Cathleen Zajack, Robert Paxton Frazer, and Jo-Anne (Frazer) Randall.

As a father and grandfather, Frazer shared his love of nature, fishing, and golf with his loved ones. The annual “Family Cup” golf tournament became a cherished tradition, fostering friendly competition and unforgettable memories.

A Life Remembered

Burton Oliver Frazer Jr. passed away peacefully on May 10, 2024, leaving behind a legacy of kindness, service, and love. He is survived by his three daughters, his son, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and a host of extended family and friends who will forever cherish his memory.

A private military graveside service will be held at Maine Veterans Cemetery in Augusta, honoring his service to our nation. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the Maine Audubon Society or the American Red Cross in his honor.

Burton Oliver Frazer Jr. will be remembered as a man who lived life to the fullest, always striving to make a difference in the lives of those around him. His spirit will continue to inspire and guide his loved ones, leaving an enduring legacy of compassion, determination, and unwavering love.