Obituary: Jerrold Northrop Moore, Noted Literary Scholar And Academic 2024

## Obituary: Jerrold Northrop Moore, Renowned Elgar Scholar and Music Historian

Worcestershire, UK – The music world mourns the loss of Jerrold Northrop Moore, a distinguished musicologist who dedicated his life’s work to documenting the legacy of Edward Elgar. Moore passed away peacefully on May 18, 2024, at the age of 90.

### A Journey into Elgar’s World

Born in Paterson, New Jersey, in 1934, Moore’s fascination with Elgar’s music ignited during his studies at Swarthmore College. His passion led him to embark on a profound research journey that brought him to the heart of Elgar’s world.

In 1954, Moore traveled to the Three Choirs Festival in Worcester, where he met the composer’s daughter, Carice Elgar. Inspired by their conversation, Moore embarked on a series of interviews with Elgar’s close associates, meticulously recording their unique perspectives.

These encounters laid the groundwork for Moore’s seminal works on Elgar, including his comprehensive biography, “Elgar: A Creative Life” (1984), and the acclaimed four volumes of the composer’s edited correspondence (1987-90).

### Capturing the Composer’s Essence

Moore’s in-depth research extended beyond Elgar’s music, delving into the composer’s life, influences, and societal impact. His books and articles painted a vivid portrait of Elgar as not only a musical genius but also a complex and multifaceted individual.

Moore’s contributions played a pivotal role in shaping our understanding of Elgar’s artistic journey and his place in British music. His writings remain a vital resource for musicians, scholars, and music enthusiasts alike.

### Music and Beyond: Moore’s Artistic Explorations

Moore’s interests extended far beyond Elgar’s music. He possessed a deep appreciation for the history of sound recording, and his books on Fred Gaisberg and the early gramophone era provided invaluable insights into this nascent industry.

Moore’s passion for the visual arts led him to author several books on pastoral landscape painting and the works of renowned artist F.L. Griggs. His knowledge and appreciation for art in all its forms enriched his understanding of Elgar’s musical aesthetics.

### A Literary Legacy

Beyond his scholarly pursuits, Moore’s love of books extended to amassing an impressive collection of rare and beautiful volumes. His home in Worcestershire became a sanctuary filled with books on every subject imaginable.

Moore’s memoir, “Friend of the Friends” (2023), offered a glimpse into his life as a chronicler of Elgar’s legacy and his personal encounters with those connected to the composer.

### A Lasting Tribute

Jerrold Northrop Moore’s tireless research and dedication to Elgar’s music have ensured that the composer’s artistic achievements will continue to inspire and be appreciated by generations to come. His legacy as a leading musicologist and author will forever be etched in the annals of music history.

Moore is survived by his niece, Rebecca, and nephews, Read and George. His presence will be deeply missed by his family, friends, and the countless individuals who have been touched by his work.