Obituary: Melba Jean Scott Obituary 2024

## Melba Jean Walling Lindsey Scott: A Life Well-Lived

### Early Years and Education

Melba Jean Walling Lindsey Scott was born on July 23rd, 1933, in Vinemont, Alabama. She was the daughter of Julious Eric and Gladys Montez Chambers Walling. Melba attended Vinemont School for grades 1-9 and Cullman High School for grades 10-12, where she was a member of various clubs and organizations. She was also elected Miss Cullman High School in 1951-1952. Melba graduated from high school in May 1952.

### Marriage and Family Life

After graduating high school, Melba met Jack Walter Lindsey, who became her first and only boyfriend. They married on May 20, 1952, and welcomed three children into their family: Randall Keith, Lindsey DeShazo, and Lisa Lindsey Posey. Melba and her family moved to various cities due to Jack’s military service and his job at U.S. Steel. After Jack’s death in 1995, Melba married Leldon B. Scott in 2006. Sadly, Leldon passed away in 2006.

### Professional Life

Throughout her life, Melba held various jobs. She worked part-time at Thompson Bros. Furniture Store while in high school and as an office clerk for Dickies Clothing Manufacturing Company while in Fort Worth. After moving to Birmingham, she worked at Sears Roebuck Co, Wilsons Florist and Gifts, and Carraway Medical Center. Melba also invested her finances wisely, ensuring her financial security.

### Community Involvement

Melba was an active member of her community. She volunteered with the Brookside and Alumni Association and provided support to senior citizens’ groups. She was a member of the Vinemont Church of Christ and later attended Baldwin Heights Baptist Church.

### Christian Life

Melba was a devout Christian woman who lived her life according to the principles of Proverbs Chapter 31. She was known for her virtue, kindness, and generosity. Melba had strong faith in God and found comfort in her belief that she would one day be reunited with her loved ones in heaven.

### Legacy

Melba Jean Walling Lindsey Scott was an extraordinary woman who touched the lives of many. She was a loving wife, mother, and grandmother, a hard worker, and a faithful Christian. Her memory will continue to inspire those who knew and loved her.

### In Lieu of Flowers

In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations to the Mt. Zion Cemetery Fund or Cullman Caring For Kids.