Obituary Of Howard “Howie” Lee Soule: A Life Remembered 2024


Obituary: Howard “Howie” Lee Soule

A Life of Dedication and Achievement

BANGOR, Maine – On May 14, 2024, the community of Bangor mourned the passing of Howard “Howie” Lee Soule, PhD, a man of remarkable talents and unwavering dedication. At the age of 77, Howie left behind a legacy of accomplishments that touched countless lives.

A Multifaceted Man

Howie’s interests were as diverse as his skills. A direct descendant of George Soule, who sailed to Plymouth on the Mayflower in 1620, Howie shared his ancestor’s adventurous spirit. He excelled at rebuilding boats, earning the respect of boatyards throughout Maine. His passion for sailing, airplane piloting, and photography was evident in his many accomplishments.

Musically gifted, Howie mastered the 6 and 12 string guitar and piano. His love for music extended to his involvement in the Pine State Amateur Radio Club, where he served as president.

A Broadcasting Pioneer

Howie’s true calling lay in broadcasting. His career spanned an impressive 60 years, beginning as a disc jockey at WTVL in Waterville. As Chief Engineer at Z62 WZON and WKIT, he played a pivotal role in the development of Maine’s radio and television landscape.

Known as a “Good Guy” at WGUY in Bangor, Howie’s expertise was sought after by stations across the country and around the world. His contributions to the field earned him a reputation as a problem solver and innovator.

A Legacy of Impact

Howie’s impact extended beyond broadcasting. He oversaw the renovation of Bangor’s Shaw House development, providing housing for those in need. His involvement in the Navy MARS program enabled sailors to connect with their families while deployed.

Howie also played a key role in the development of a medical imaging device using RF technology, further demonstrating his diverse range of talents.

Survived by Loved Ones

Howie is survived by his beloved wife, Susan Hawkes Soule, as well as her children and grandchildren. His son, Andrew Howard Soule, and daughter, Angela, will cherish his memory along with his grandsons and other family members.

Celebration of a Life Well-Lived

A celebration of Howie’s life will be held on June 12, 2024, at 10 a.m. at the Bangor Elks Club. Friends and associates are invited to gather and share memories of an extraordinary man who left an enduring mark on his community and beyond.