Obituary: Paul And Pamela Hatch 2024


Paul and Pamela Hatch: A Tragic Loss

In Memory of Paul and Pamela Hatch: A Celebration of Life

A Tragic Loss for Enfield

The Enfield community is mourning the heartbreaking loss of Paul and Pamela Hatch, two cherished members whose lives were tragically cut short. Their passing has left a profound void in the hearts of their loved ones, friends, and neighbors.

Celebration to Honor Their Lives

A celebration of Paul and Pamela’s lives will be held on June 8th from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM at the Poulin-Turner Union Hall (P.A.C.E. Hall) in Skowhegan. This event will provide an opportunity for the community to gather, share memories, and honor the legacy of these beloved individuals.

Paul and Pamela: Cherished Members of the Community

Paul and Pamela lived their lives with purpose and touched the hearts of countless individuals. Paul was an active member of the Enfield Historical Society, where he dedicated his time to preserving the town’s rich history. Pamela, a compassionate and dedicated nurse, spent her life caring for others and making a difference in the community.

Together, Paul and Pamela were known for their unwavering love, kindness, and generosity. They were always willing to lend a helping hand and were passionate about creating a thriving and welcoming community.

Legacy of Service and Love

Paul and Pamela’s legacy will live on through the countless lives they touched. Their unwavering commitment to Enfield will continue to inspire future generations to make a positive impact on their community.

The celebration of their lives on June 8th will be a testament to the profound impact they had on the lives of others. As the community gathers to honor their memory, they will also celebrate the love and service that defined Paul and Pamela Hatch.