Obituary: Tennessee Food Bank Association Hires New Executive Director 2024

Tennessee Launches Food Bank Association With New Executive Director

Tennessee Launches Food Bank Association With New Executive Director

Tennessee’s five Feeding America food banks have announced the official launch of the Tennessee Food Bank Association (TFBA), becoming the 22nd state to form such an alliance. Dr. LaRhonda S.D. Magras, a seasoned non-profit leader, has been appointed as the Association’s first Executive Director.

Dr. LaRhonda Magras, Executive Director

Dr. Magras brings a wealth of experience in the non-profit sector to the TFBA. She has spent nearly three decades advocating for anti-poverty and social justice programs, working in diverse urban and rural settings. Her expertise in program development and outreach will be invaluable in leading the TFBA.

“It is a distinguished honor to be the first executive director of the newly formed Tennessee Food Bank Association,” said Dr. Magras. “The creation of this alliance demonstrates the enduring commitment these organizations have to making inroads in their mission, and I am proud to join their fight.”

Mission of the TFBA

The TFBA will serve as a unified voice for Tennessee’s five food banks, which are part of Feeding America’s national network. The Association’s mission is to:

  • Raise awareness of food insecurity in Tennessee
  • Work to expand federal and state food funding programs
  • Strengthen partnerships with community organizations
  • Provide education and training on hunger-related issues

Members of the TFBA

The founding members of the TFBA are:

  • Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee (Nashville)
  • Mid-South Food Bank (Memphis)
  • Chattanooga Area Food Bank (Chattanooga)
  • Second Harvest Food Bank of East Tennessee (Knoxville)
  • Second Harvest Food Bank of Northeast Tennessee (Kingsport)

Impact of the TFBA

By working together, the members of the TFBA hope to achieve greater efficiency and efficacy in their shared programs and partnerships. The Association will provide a singular educational authority on food insecurity for stakeholders, strengthening statewide awareness of the issue and its root causes.

“While we have always had a shared mission to eliminate hunger for the 1-in-7 Tennesseans facing food insecurity, forming an association will allow us to align our efforts and strengthen our impact,” said the five food banks’ CEOs in a joint statement. “With Dr. Magras at the helm, we are confident that we can truly accomplish great things together.”

Call to Action

The TFBA invites individuals and organizations to join their fight against hunger. To learn more about the Association and its mission, please visit

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