Paul Gross Obituary Obituary

Remembering Paul Gross, Renaissance Man

It is with deep sadness that we announce the passing of Paul Gross, a man of many talents who graced our world for 86 years.

  • Musician: As a founding member of the Rakes band, Paul played a pivotal role in bringing Irish, Scottish, and English traditional music to the forefront in the 1950s.
  • Artist: Paul’s passion for art extended beyond music. His paintings and sculptures reflected his love of nature and his keen eye for detail.
  • Architect: Paul’s architectural designs showcased his creativity and technical prowess. His buildings stood as testaments to his vision and innovative spirit.
  • Activist: Driven by a sense of social justice, Paul occasionally took up the mantle of activism, advocating for causes close to his heart.

The Rakes Band: A Musical Legacy

Formed in 1956, the Rakes band (Paul Gross on fiddle, Reg Hall on melodeon, and Michael Plunkett on fiddle and flute) quickly established themselves within the Irish pub session scene in London. Their rich musical heritage and exploration of the Irish music scene brought a new appreciation for these traditional sounds.

Paul’s fiddle playing was heavily influenced by the legendary Jimmy Power, a master of the instrument. The Rakes band’s performances in pubs like the Bedford, Camden Town, and the Favourite became legendary, fostering friendships and collaborations with renowned musicians like Michael Gorman and Margaret Barry.

A Life of Creativity and Contribution

Paul Gross was a true renaissance man, whose talents extended far beyond music. His artistic expressions in painting and sculpture captured the essence of the natural world. His architectural designs left an enduring mark on the built environment, showcasing his ingenuity and creativity.

When called to action, Paul’s passion for activism shone through. He fearlessly lent his voice to causes he believed in, making a difference in his community and beyond.

Paul Gross’s legacy is one of innovation, artistry, and unwavering dedication to his passions. His contributions to music, art, architecture, and social causes will continue to inspire and enrich generations to come.

May his memory be a beacon of creativity and a reminder of the transformative power of embracing multiple facets of life.