PDP raises alarm, alleges APC has cloned result sheets

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…places PDP agents on standby to forestall such moves

The Delta State PDP has raised an alarm alleging that the APC in Delta State has cloned result sheets that will soon be smuggled into collation centers across the state.


It was also noted that the APC is already affixing results on the INEC cloned sheets to be smuggled into collation centers.

Ifeanyi Osuoza, Media & Publicity,
Delta PDP Campaign Council/State Publicity Secretary raised the alarm in a statement he personally signed on Saturday stating that:

“We have received impeccable intelligence that the Delta State All Progressives Congress, APC is in possession of already cloned result sheets and are presently affixing results and numbers into columns, with the intention of smuggling these already prepared result sheets into various collation centers, with full support and assistance of compromised, conniving INEC staff, who are willing and ready to carry out this dirty, damaging assignment to sabotage the Governorship and State House of Assembly election, March 18, 2023.

“We are therefore calling on all Party Agents at the various polling units, to be on high alert and be extra vigilant of any strange movements and suspicious exchanges of documents, to ensure that only the authentic votes are cast and proper ballot papers used for the election. are counted at each polling unit and the results and numbers declared are the same, accurately imputed and affixed into the result sheets, which must be blank and displayed to the voters for confirmation, before results are imputed.

“We want to also place it on record that we are fully aware of this dirty plot by the APC in concert with compromised electoral officials, to manipulate the results of the election and we are, by this press release, putting INEC and all security agencies involved and connected with the election on notice, that they should prevent where necessary or desist forthwith, from engaging or encouraging any nefarious acts that are very capable of causing a major eruption of widespread violence and massive disruptions, once people realize that the right thing has not been done and their votes will not count.

A word is enough for the wise.


PDP raises alarm, alleges APC has cloned result sheets

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