Prince Harry Declines Reconciliation With William Amidst Family Feud

## Prince Harry Declines Reconciliation Opportunity at Royal Wedding

Royal Rift Remains as Harry Shuns Family Event

London, May 25, 2024 – Prince Harry has reportedly rejected an invitation to attend the high-profile wedding of a close friend, further widening the rift with his estranged brother, Prince William.

Westminster Wedding Snub

The Duke and Duchess of Westminster, Hugh Grosvenor and Olivia Henson, are set to tie the knot in June at Chester Cathedral. Harry’s absence from the guest list is viewed as a deliberate move to avoid an “awkward” encounter with his family members who will be present.

Self-Imposed Exile and Missed Opportunities

Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams believes Harry’s decision stems from his “self-imposed exile” from the UK. This, he says, has resulted in the Sussexes not receiving invitations to other high-profile events, including former US President Barack Obama’s 60th birthday party and the Oscars.

Godfather’s Wedding Overshadowed by Sibling Rivalry

The Duke of Westminster is the godfather to Harry’s son, Archie. Their close relationship makes Harry’s absence even more striking. However, sources indicate that Prince William will be an usher at the wedding, while Archie’s cousin, Prince George, may also have a role.

Optics Matter in the A-List World

Fitzwilliams emphasizes the importance of optics for the Sussexes, who have aspired to become A-listers in the entertainment industry. By avoiding events where they might be confronted with their family, they risk losing ground in their pursuit of this status.

Royal Family’s Focus on Succession

As Prince William prepares to assume the throne, his family is laser-focused on his transition to power. The rift with Harry has not helped this process, as the younger brother’s absence from royal events sends a message of division and disharmony within the institution.


Prince Harry’s snub of the Westminster wedding highlights the ongoing tensions within the royal family. It remains to be seen whether the estrangement between Harry and William can be healed or if it will continue to cast a shadow on the monarchy in the years to come.