Prince William’S Royal Fa Cup Final Outing With Young Prince George

Prince William and Prince George Attend Thrilling FA Cup Final

London, UK – May 25, 2024 – Prince William of Wales and his son, Prince George, graced the historic Wembley Stadium on Saturday to witness the highly anticipated FA Cup final between Manchester City and Manchester United.

Prince William’s Grand Entrance

As the two teams lined up for the national anthem, Prince William entered the pitch amid roaring applause from the 90,000 spectators. Clad in a navy suit, he exchanged handshakes with the players, displaying his longstanding connection to the beautiful game.

Royal Endorsement for Kyle Walker

During his pre-match interactions, Prince William engaged in a brief conversation with England star and Manchester City captain, Kyle Walker. The prince’s warm demeanor and genuine interest in the sport left a lasting impression on the players.

Father-Son Bonding Amid Thrilling Clash

Prince William and Prince George, adorned in matching suits, enthusiastically watched the intense match from the royal box. The father-son duo showcased their passion for football, cheering on both teams throughout the game.

Royal Attendance Bolsters Fan Support

The presence of the royal family at the FA Cup final added an extra layer of excitement to the already electrifying atmosphere. Their unwavering support for sports and community events has consistently resonated with the public.

Buckingham Palace’s Precautionary Measures

Despite the royal family’s love for public engagement, Buckingham Palace has announced the postponement of certain events to avoid overshadowing the upcoming General Election on July 4th. However, the FA Cup final was deemed an apolitical event, allowing Prince William and Prince George to attend without any concerns.

Prince William’s Previous FA Cup Appearances

Prince William’s attendance at FA Cup finals has not always been met with such warmth. In 2022, he faced boos from a portion of Liverpool fans at the match between Liverpool and Chelsea. However, his recent visit with Prince George demonstrated a growing acceptance and appreciation for the royal family’s involvement in sports events.


Prince William and Prince George’s appearance at the FA Cup final not only underlined their love for football but also sent a positive message of unity and support amidst a politically charged climate. Their presence brought joy and enthusiasm to the stadium, enhancing the overall experience for fans and players alike.