Punjab Cm Triggers Performance-Linked Promotion Drive For Dcs: Meritocracy In Governance

Punjab Chief Minister Links Deputy Commissioners’ Promotions to Performance

Lahore, June 1, 2024: Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz has directed that deputy commissioners’ (DCs) promotions will be linked to their performance, emphasizing the importance of delivering exceptional services to the people of Punjab. Additionally, the Chief Minister ordered the implementation of a fixed price for roti and bread across the province.

Evaluation of Deputy Commissioners’ Performance

During a meeting to review price control and other matters, Chief Minister Nawaz reviewed the performance report of deputy commissioners based on established monitoring indicators. She commended the work of DCs in Narowal, Nankana Sahib, Hafizabad, and Murree, praising their efforts in various areas.

Instructions to Deputy Commissioners

Nawaz directed the deputy commissioners to focus on their responsibilities, including:

– Ensuring the stability of prices and implementing the one-dish ban at weddings
– Maintaining cleanliness and providing essential services such as hospitals, fans, and clean water
– Removing stray dogs to protect children
– Inspecting Special Education Schools weekly and addressing the issue of deteriorated school buildings
– Monitoring streetlights and filtration plants regularly

Emphasis on Sanitation and Public Health

The Chief Minister stressed the significance of cleanliness and public health, emphasizing the “Suthra Punjab” initiative to make every city and village pristine. She ordered the installation of sheds for patients waiting areas, the provision of potable water, and the removal of stagnant water sources.

Monitoring of Vaccination Campaign and Other Health Measures

Nawaz instructed deputy commissioners to closely monitor the measles situation, launch a vaccination campaign, and take preemptive steps to address the Congo virus in cattle markets. She also directed them to ensure proper arrangements for animal sacrifice during Eid and to keep cities clean afterward.

Meeting with UN Delegation

In a separate meeting, Chief Minister Nawaz met with a delegation from the United Nations led by Muhammad Yahya, the Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator in Pakistan. They discussed ongoing development projects in Punjab supported by UN agencies.

Nawaz highlighted the government’s focus on education, health, and economic reforms, outlining plans for a tax-free garment city, free six-month training for women, and interest-free loans for small farmers. She also emphasized the importance of waste management, good governance, and providing comprehensive healthcare in all districts.

Cooperation with France

Chief Minister Nawaz met with French Ambassador Nicolas Galey and Economic Consul Laurent Chopiton to discuss cooperation opportunities. They agreed to enhance collaboration in combating climate change and protecting the environment.

Message on World No Tobacco Day

On the occasion of World No Tobacco Day, Nawaz emphasized the dangers of smoking and the importance of implementing the ban on smoking in public places. She urged parents to be vigilant and protect children from the harmful effects of tobacco use.