Punjab Cm’S Performance-Driven Promotion Plan For Dcs

Punjab CM Orders Performance-Based Promotions for Deputy Commissioners

Lahore, Pakistan – Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz has directed that the promotion of deputy commissioners be linked to their performance in a move to enhance efficiency and service delivery. The decision was announced during a meeting where deputy commissioners’ performance reports were reviewed using monitoring indicators.

Performance Recognition

Chief Minister Nawaz commended the performance of deputy commissioners in Narowal, Nankana Sahib, Hafizabad, and Murree, citing their exceptional efforts in price control and other areas. She emphasized that all deputy commissioners should strive for professional excellence and demonstrate visible improvements in their work.

Price Stabilization Measures

Nawaz directed the implementation of strict measures to stabilize prices, including the enforcement of fixed rates for roti and bread across the province. She stressed the importance of ensuring fair weight and size for roti and assigning accountability to deputy commissioners for price regulation.

Healthcare and Sanitation Enhancements

The Chief Minister instructed the construction of waiting area sheds for patients in hospitals, equipped with fans and clean water facilities. She ordered the continuation of stray dog removal campaigns and emphasized the need for proactive measures against Congo virus in cattle markets.

Education and Infrastructure

Nawaz highlighted the importance of timely reporting and repair of dilapidated school buildings, as well as regular monitoring of streetlights and filtration plants. She emphasized the “Suthra Punjab” initiative, aimed at maintaining cleanliness in all cities and villages.

Public Welfare Initiatives

The Chief Minister expressed her commitment to improving the lives of citizens, particularly by eradicating artificial price hikes, launching a vaccination campaign to prevent measles, and introducing an air ambulance service in Punjab. She also announced the construction of the province’s first public sector cancer hospital in Lahore.

Collaboration with United Nations

In a separate meeting with a delegation of United Nations subsidiary bodies, Chief Minister Nawaz discussed ongoing development projects in Punjab with the support of UN agencies. She expressed her appreciation for the cooperation and highlighted her government’s priorities in education, health, agriculture, and other sectors.

Relations with France

Nawaz met with French Ambassador Nicolas Galey and Economic Consul Laurent Chopiton to discuss avenues for mutual cooperation. She acknowledged the long-standing friendship between Pakistan and France and emphasized the importance of collaboration in areas such as climate change mitigation and environmental protection.

World No Tobacco Day Message

On the occasion of World No Tobacco Day, Chief Minister Nawaz urged citizens to comply with the ban on smoking in public places, highlighting the detrimental health effects of tobacco use. She expressed concern over the high number of smoking-related deaths in Pakistan and called for parental vigilance to prevent smoking among children.