Punjab’S Corruption Crucible: 108 Officials Complicit In Smuggling Ring

## 108 Officials Implicated in Punjab Smuggling Ring

Lahore, Pakistan – A comprehensive report from intelligence agencies has revealed the involvement of over 108 officials in facilitating smuggling activities in Punjab, Pakistan. The Interior Ministry has provided a detailed list of these individuals to the Punjab government, urging immediate action.

### Diverse Array of Officials Implicated

The list includes officials from various departments, including the civil service, food department, police, revenue department, and counter-terrorism department (CTD). Their positions range from high-ranking officers to lower-level staff.

### Alleged Facilitating Roles

These officials are alleged to be part of a network that has compromised the integrity of government departments, enabling the smooth operation of smuggling activities. Their roles within the network include:

* Providing safe passage for smugglers and their goods
* Ignoring or actively falsifying records related to smuggling incidents
* Extorting money from smugglers in exchange for protection

### Locations of Involvement

The officials are reportedly involved in smuggling operations in various districts and regions of Punjab, including:

* Mian Channu
* Gujranwala
* Okara
* Basirpur (Okara)
* Lodhran
* Rajanpur
* Lahore
* Sheikhupura
* Jhabran (Sheikhupura)
* Kasur
* Jhang
* Narowal
* Eminabad (Gujranwala)
* Sambrial
* Mandi Bahauddin
* Vehari
* Renala Khurd
* Chakwal
* Muzaffargarh
* Police Check-Post Kohat Road Jund
* Police stations in Attock, Hasan Abdal, and Attock Khurd

### Government Action Requested

The Punjab Home Department has forwarded the list containing these names to the Additional Chief Secretary of Punjab, requesting a detailed report on the actions taken against these officials. The Interior Ministry has emphasized the need for prompt and thorough investigations to ensure accountability and dismantle the smuggling network.