Ralph C. Roth Obituary 2024

In Loving Memory of Rev. Ralph C. Roth

In Loving Memory of Rev. Ralph C. Roth

The beloved servant of God, Rev. Ralph C. Roth, has answered the call to his eternal home on May 22, 2023.

A Life Dedicated to Christ

Rev. Roth lived a life marked by unwavering faith, compassion, and service. He dedicated himself to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ, touching countless lives with his teachings and pastoral care.

As a minister, Rev. Roth led several congregations throughout his lifetime, guiding them with wisdom and inspiring them with his love for God.

Legacy of Faith and Love

Rev. Roth’s legacy extends beyond his earthly presence. He sowed seeds of faith that continue to grow and bear fruit today.

His family and friends cherish the memories of his unwavering support, unwavering kindness, and infectious laughter.

A Living Memorial

To honor the memory of Rev. Roth, his family invites you to plant a living memorial in his name. By nurturing a tree or flower, we can create a lasting symbol of his life and the impact he had on our world.

Let us perpetuate his legacy of hope, compassion, and service through the beauty and growth of nature.

May Rev. Ralph C. Roth’s memory forever inspire us to live lives that honor God and touch the lives of others.