Ranger Station Partners With Singer/Songwriter Ernest For A New Fragrance Collection Obituary 2024

Ranger Station Partners with Singer/Songwriter Ernest for a New Fragrance Collection

Ranger Station Partners with Singer/Songwriter Ernest for a New Fragrance Collection

Ranger Station, the Nashville Fragrance House established in 2015 by Steve and Jordan Soderholm, has introduced ‘1992 (feat. ERNEST)’, a fragrance collection in collaboration with the award-winning singer/songwriter ERNEST. The collection is inspired by ERNEST’s new album, NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE, released last month, and his birth year.

The ‘1992 (feat. ERNEST)’ fragrance collection includes a unisex perfume and candle, both of which are available for purchase exclusively from the Ranger Station website and flagship store in Nashville.

The Perfume

The 1992 Unisex Perfume (feat. ERNEST) is a fougere fragrance, meaning fern-like in French. It embodies the qualities of a classic men’s fragrance: timeless, masculine, and fresh.

As with every fragrance crafted by Ranger Station, the 1992 Unisex Perfume (feat. ERNEST) is hand-mixed to order in Nashville using the highest quality fragrance and essential oils. It is also paraben, phthalate, and sulfate free.

The perfume is available in a 50mL bottle for $94.

The Candle

The 1992 Candle (feat. ERNEST) is an 8 oz. candle that comes paired with a cocktail recipe for an Old fashioned and a box of matches.

As with every Ranger Station candle, the 1992 Candle (feat. ERNEST) is made with a blend of natural waxes and essential oils. It has a burn time of approximately 50 hours.

The candle is available for $45.

The Inspiration

The ‘1992 (feat. ERNEST)’ fragrance collection was designed to conjure up the feeling of Nashville in the summer of 1992, the year ERNEST was born.

As ERNEST says, “My album NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE was about honoring what my hometown is to me. With 1992, it was about being able to collaborate with a locally-owned shop, Ranger Station, to create a fragrance that felt authentic to me and conjured this memory of a specific moment in time, while still managing to be timeless.”

The Partnership

The partnership between Ranger Station and ERNEST is a natural one. Both are committed to quality and craftsmanship, and both are passionate about their hometown of Nashville.

As Steve Soderholm, Ranger Station co-founder and perfumer, says, “I loved working with ERNEST on this scent because he knew exactly what he wanted. He knows fragrance well, and he was extremely decisive throughout the process.”

The Cause

Ranger Station is committed to giving back to the community. Ten percent of net proceeds from the sale of the 1992 Unisex Perfume (feat. ERNEST) will benefit Porter’s Call, a nonprofit that provides mental health resources to recording artists and their families.

The Call to Action

To learn more about the ‘1992 (feat. ERNEST)’ fragrance collection, visit the Ranger Station website or flagship store in Nashville. You can also follow Ranger Station on social media for the latest news and updates.