REVIEW: Kasier Chiefs perform musical escapism at BIC


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The BIC was packed for the return of the Kaiser Chiefs, and the anticipation and pure excitement that emanated from the crowd was unmatched by any other band’s fans.

Aided ably by rising band The Sherlocks, followed by The Fratellis, the Chiefs produced magic and made the BIC their own.

The Fratelli entered the can-can, supported by three female singers and a two-piece horn section.

That jazzy sound enriched the entire performance, which even included an unexpected version of the arena rock classic Yes Sir, I Can Boogie.

Chelsea Dagger closed the set and sang the perfect anthem to herald the main event.

The crowd went wild as expected when the Chiefs took the stage.

This great frontman Ricky Wilson performed above the band in front of a huge projected moon. As he took the stage, he took the time to say the band’s name… as if anyone at the BIC needed reminding.

He said we had a lot of hits to listen to and the roar of the crowd gave Ricky all the encouragement he needed.

Ricky even performed a Freddie Mercury-style call-and-response with great enthusiasm standing behind the monitor. Pure showmanship and one of the rare moments when he wasn’t running around the stage and dancing.

After the opening rockers, a park bench was placed on stage as the band provided lighter acoustic relief.

So many hits were released and they were all met with complete admiration, with huge responses reserved for 2005’s Everyday I Love You Less and Less and 2007’s Ruby.

The quality of Andrew White’s guitar playing throughout the show deserves praise. He never weighs down the performance, but the band just wouldn’t work without his subtleties. The band is more than the sum of its parts, and Peanut’s synth playing is also an integral part of the sound.

The band made us wait for the encore, but People Know How To Love One Another, which segued into Oh My God, was definitely worth the wait.

Seeing the audience’s response and enthusiasm for something that has almost become a mainstream band is a pleasure in itself. The lights came on too quickly and after an hour and 45 minutes of musical escape we had to return to normal life.


REVIEW: Kasier Chiefs perform musical escapism at BIC

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