Scenes from the ice rink: Kyle Burroughs has higher expectations of himself than in ‘7. “Defender” of the team


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Scenes from the ice rink: Kyle Burroughs has higher expectations of himself than in ‘7. Defender” of the team

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The Vancouver Canucks held an off-ice practice at Rogers Arena on Saturday morning, and although the players did not take the ice, some players and the coach spoke to the media.

Here are some interesting insights from the media availability we focused on Kyle Burroughs.

We did not see training, and as mentioned in the first sentence of this article, there was no work on the ice today.

What we saw was Kyle Burroughs and the continued growth of his large mustache.

“I just love having a mustache,” Burroughs said. “I think it’s great.”

Burroughs also told us that during the team’s shooting practice on Thursday — where every player had to score a goal — the loser of the game had to grow a mustache for the next month. The loser of the competition was Oliver Ekman-Larsson. So in the coming weeks we will see a new Stache join the team.

“I wonder what [OEL’s moustache] it will look,” Burroughs said with a laugh.

We asked him if he thinks he is the best in the team.

“Trent Cull has a signature mustache. I don’t know if anyone can follow it. But I hope mine is in the game,” Burroughs said.

Bruce Boudreau talked about Kyle Burroughs and the role he has on this team.

“He knows what his role is — he’s the 7th D,” Boudreau said. “He works hard. He practices hard. And when he comes in, he’s always got to be ready. That’s his role. And he knows it. We’d all love to play 20 minutes every night. But I think that’s what makes Kyle a great teammate. He’s in a very similar situation to Brad Hunt last year.I [Kyle] took on that role and did a great job with it.”

Burroughs talked about how he feels when he doesn’t know if he’s in or out of the lineup.

“Every day in this league is a good day,” Burroughs said. “It took a lot of work to come here and become part of this team and to be able to play in this lineup and in this league is an honor for me. I just look forward to coming to work every day.”

We asked Burroughs how he feels about meeting the manager’s expectations so far this season.

“These expectations that he has of me, I think I might be holding on to that a little bit more,” Burroughs said.

“When I come to play, I want to play well. I want to be something that can enrich this team. If it’s easy, play hard, be a jerk, play against other teams’ best lines or against anyone up or down the scoring list. [I want to] Play hard, put faces on the guys, give energy to our guys.

“I can look back on most games and be happy with that. Of course, in every game there are moments when you want to look back and get better, but overall I think it was okay.”


We all see the same team here. And I have to think we all like how Kyle Burroughs plays when he’s in the lineup.

He is not flashy, but remains steadfast in his role.

“I’m not much of a talker, but when I get good plays from guys, good timing on the hips and things like that – it gives me a little energy,” Burroughs said of the physical play early in games. “I just feel like I have better vision and I can just time things a little bit better. I think that’s a big part of my game.”

Burroughs is the type of player who obviously enjoys playing a physical game, but the desire to play a physical game comes from his competitive nature, wanting to win every game and knowing what he can do in his role to help his team help on a nightly basis.

Currently, Boudreau views Burroughs as the team’s seventh quarterback, but Burroughs has only exceeded expectations in that role.

It seems like it’s time to see Burroughs in the lineup more often if this team is going to start challenging their top six defensemen.

On the other hand about the defenders, we asked Boudreau if Jack Rathbone maybe he should return to the AHL for an ice age, and he briefly answered the question by firing back and saying “It’s not my decision.”

Regarding Travis Dermottwith the situation. Boudreau said the defenseman underwent additional testing Friday, but the manager said, “He’s probably as frustrated as anybody [to] out with it.”

“I can’t tell you he’s going to play this week, next week or, you know, in a month,” Boudreau said.

The Canucks are scheduled to practice on Sunday afternoon, and we’ll have another update from the rink ahead of Monday’s game against the Vegas Golden Knights on Monday.


Scenes from the ice rink: Kyle Burroughs has higher expectations of himself than in ‘7. “Defender” of the team

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