Scientists have turned cobwebs into music, and it’s fascinating


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dated: 2022-11-19 23:49:32 .

Back in 2018, scientists managed to make music out of cobwebs. The process was performed by translating the 3D structure of the spider’s web into music using sonification. The group worked with an artist named Tomás Saraceno and they actually created an interactive musical instrument called Spider’s web.

The instrument consisted of a bunch of spider webs, all used to create beautiful ethereal music that is hard to forget once heard. MIT shared a clip of the show on one of its many YouTube channels. In it, you can hear how eerie and often spooky the sonification sounds. In fairness, it adds even more darkness to the creatures that often live in the corner of the room.

But not only should sonification sound terrifying, the researchers say it will also help them better understand the architecture of a spider’s web. Cobweb music could also help us learn the vibrational language of spiders.

Although spiders have multiple eyes, they don’t actually see very well. So they rely on the vibrations of their webs to actually detect where something is. This is why they often build such large and complicated networks. Again, scientists are trying to better understand how spiders build their webs. We used artificial intelligence to understand it better, but the music of the spider web could also help.

But cobwebs are often not just flat, two-dimensional objects. Instead, many, like this giant mega-spider, use leapers to catch and eat their prey. In the past, it has been difficult to better understand how these webs work, but we hope that further sonification of spider webs will reveal more about these mysterious creatures.

And if nothing else, at least we’re getting some cool spidery music out of it.


Scientists have turned cobwebs into music, and it’s fascinating

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