Singer Charlie Puth Calls Out Ai’S “Joke”-Like Remake Of Swift’S “Ttpd”

## Charlie Puth’s Initial Dismissal of Taylor Swift’s ‘TTPD’ Mention

### AI-Generated Joke Confusion

Charlie Puth initially dismissed Taylor Swift’s mention of him in her song from the album The Tortured Poets Department as an “AI-generated joke.” This skepticism stemmed from a mixture of amusement and skepticism, leading Puth to question its authenticity.

### Potential for False Hope

Puth expressed concern that the mention could be a prank, fearing that it might evoke false hopes and ultimately disappoint him. He feared that someone was deliberately trying to deceive him into believing he was a more successful artist than he actually was.

### Lyrics and Reflection

Upon actually hearing the lyrics of Swift’s song, Puth’s perception shifted. He realized the depth of her appreciation and acknowledged that it had a profound impact on him. This recognition prompted him to reflect on his past decisions and consider alternative paths he could have taken.

### Inspiration from Taylor Swift

The song motivated Puth to release his single, “Hero,” which he had previously hesitated due to its simplicity. Swift’s encouragement gave him the courage to share the song with the world, leading him to credit her for its success.

### Puth’s Admiration for Swift’s Personal Storytelling

Puth expressed admiration for Swift’s ability to craft deeply personal and specific narratives in her songs. He acknowledged that it was an approach he had previously avoided, but her example inspired him to explore this style in his own work.