Spider John Koerner Obituary Obituary

”’htmlMusician: Spider John Koerner”’html

”’htmlBirth:”’html Undisclosed

”’htmlDeath:”’html November 21, 2019

Spider John Koerner was a renowned musician known for his driving guitar style and passion for the blues.

”’htmlEarly Life and Career:”’html

Koerner’s early music career began in the Minneapolis folk scene. He performed at the Ten O’clock Scholar, a coffee house frequented by Bob Dylan. Dylan was drawn to Koerner’s distinctive guitar playing and vocals.

”’htmlCollaboration and Recognition:”’html

Koerner collaborated with Dylan and other folk musicians in the early 1960s. In 1964, he released “Spider John Koerner,” a self-titled album that showcased his blues and folk influences. Koerner’s music was celebrated for its raw energy and authentic sound.


Koerner’s impact on the folk scene was significant. His music inspired countless musicians and helped establish a foundation for the genre. He was known for his ability to connect with audiences through his passionate performances.

”’htmlPosthumous Recognition:”’html

After Koerner’s passing in 2019, his legacy continued to be honored. His music was celebrated at various tributes and memorials, and his fans cherished his enduring musical contributions.