“Superstorms” are threatening parts of Ontario with an additional 40 cm of snow


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“Superstorms” are threatening parts of Ontario with an additional 40 cm of snow

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A powerful and sure to be memorable lake effect snow event will continue to hit parts of southern Ontario on Saturday and Sunday. Multiple storms are threatening an additional 30-40 cm of snow in some regions, so get your snow blowers and shovels ready. The placement will favor the development of one or more “super snow flavors” with an impressive length of over 500 km.

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Significant snowfall rates in the worst affected regions will result in near zero visibility, challenging road crews to keep roads clear for extended periods of time.

Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECC) is urging people to delay non-essential travel until conditions improve. Road closures are possible this weekend. If you must travel, inform others of your schedule and destination and carry an emergency kit and cell phone.

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This is already an event for the record books of people south of the border. The US National Weather Service office in Buffalo, NY, reported that 167 cm (66 inches) of snow fell in Orchard Park, a city south of Buffalo, on Friday night.

If confirmed, it would surpass the highest total in the legendary lake-effect blizzard that hit eight years ago this week.

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An intense taste of snow over eastern Lakes Ontario and Lake Erie will drift north and affect areas for much of Saturday. These snow storms will move away from the regions during the night hours.

For areas near Georgian Bay, however, it’s a slightly different story. Flavors of snow are expected to return to the region overnight Saturday and continue into Sunday evening before packing up as the night progresses.


We’re on track to see another 30-40 cm of snow over the Bruce Peninsula and northern parts of Cottage Country by Sunday as another powerful storm sweeps across Lake Huron and Georgian Bay.

Another snowstorm over Lake Ontario will bring significant snowfall to parts of eastern Ontario, with an additional 6-12 inches of snowfall possible along the 401 from Cobourg to Kingston this weekend.

Further south, the same storm that is pummeling the Buffalo metro area will drift north and begin dumping heavy snow on the Niagara region. Widespread snowfall totals of 15-30 cm are likely on the northern shores of Erie, with even higher amounts possible south of Niagara Falls toward Fort Erie.


Most of this additional heavy snow will fall on Saturday in extremely long storms that may be over 500 km long at times. Why is this happening? It’s all in the winds.

Lake effect snow occurs when cold winds blow over warm lakes. These intense flavors of snow develop when the wind catches or spends a long distance blowing over water.

Sometimes, however, the winds are just right, blowing across a very long stretch of Lake Erie, Ontario, Huron and Georgian Bay creating two broad swaths of snow. This is the line-up we are likely to see on Saturday.

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Thumbnail courtesy of Toby Heyworth, taken in Amaranth, Ontario.

Stay with The Weather Network as we follow this developing lake effect snow event.


“Superstorms” are threatening parts of Ontario with an additional 40 cm of snow

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