The European Commission proposes stricter rules on pollution


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dated: 2022-11-19 22:27:02 .

BRUSSELS (AP) – The European Union government on Wednesday sought to tighten air pollution limits to ensure the dangerous pollution is eradicated by 2050, undoubtedly saving the lives of 1,000s of individuals.

Proposals for a European levy are aimed at air, waste and water pollution, and they want the support of the EU Parliament and member states earlier than they often commit to. This can take many months.

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Air pollution is the biggest threat to the bloc’s 450 million inhabitants. The proposals include doubling limits on high-quality particulate matter allowed in the air by 2030. Such particles make up a major part of overall air pollution, which the EU says kills almost 300,000 people a 12 months.

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As a result of the effective enforcement of the air pollution guidelines which have so far proven to be robust, the proposals will empower sick residents to seek authorized redress with greater compensation rights and collective claims.

As for air pollution simply, Fee estimates that as much as €121 billion could be saved by 2030 if the basics are accepted.

“The cost of inaction is much higher than the cost of prevention,” said Atmosphere Commissioner Virginijus Sinkevicius.

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Russian warfare in Ukraine affects all EU plans and environmental security is no exception given that Moscow’s pressure on EU countries has already forced many countries to revive fossil fuel-focused insurance policies.

Implementing anti-pollution measures “doesn’t get any easier in the current geopolitical situations, but we cannot afford to be distracted,” Sinkevicius said.

The European Commission proposes stricter rules on pollution

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