The new 48-volt Quant supercar can go 600 miles on a single tank of “salt water.”


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dated: 2022-11-25 01:57:45 .

Electric vehicles are just one of many solutions engineers are pushing to reduce global warming and greenhouse gas emissions. However, there are many problems holding back the electric vehicle market, most notably the time required to charge a new battery. Now the Quantino electric supercar could help change all that.

The supercar currently being developed and edited by nanoFlowcell uses a special mixture of salt water that the company calls Bi-ION electrolyte. The Quant48, which has been available for over five years at this point, has proven time and time again that the nanoFlowcell technology that powers this electric supercar has a lot to offer.

And now the company wants to take it a step further by working on a new 2+2 roadster that will offer even better mileage and performance. However, part of what makes the current electric supercar so enticing is that it offers up to 600 miles on a single tank of fuel. This means you don’t have to worry about tracking EV charging stations on Google Maps for every trip you make.

But you don’t have to worry about charging this electric vehicle after every trip. Instead, it just needs to be filled with the company’s bi-ION electrolyte mix, much like you would fill a regular car’s fuel tank at a gas station. By offering such fast refueling options, the Quant electric supercar helps provide better ways to solve the EV problem.

Of course, even with the good things we’re seeing from the nanoFlowcell, companies like Tesla continue to lead the market with electric vehicles that rely on batteries that you have to wait to fully charge.

With a solution like this Bi-ION electrolyte technology, plus flow batteries that use two electrolyte liquids to store charge, better mileage and performance are things that are more accessible than ever in electric vehicles.


The new 48-volt Quant supercar can go 600 miles on a single tank of “salt water.”

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