The policeman posed as a cellmate to start Operation Mr. Big, it’s heard in court


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dated: 2022-11-25 10:28:52 .

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An undercover officer tasked with gathering information on suspected child killer Anthony Karl Kurucz said he had to stop the accused from talking about his dead child, a court heard on Thursday.

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The officer, whose identity is protected by a publication ban, tested himself if he was placed in a cell with Kurucz in order to gather information that the police could use in the so-called operation Mr. Big.

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But he told Crown prosecutor Alexandra Russell that Kurucz wanted to talk about his dead infant son moments after the officer entered the cell.

The former Calgary police officer, who now works for the BC RCMP, said he killed Kurucz late on April 18, 2019, almost a year after the death of the accused’s three-month-old son, Jayden Cyluck. enter the cell -kurucz.

The officer immediately went to the restroom and before he could wash his hands, Kurucz got up from the bench he was lying on to introduce himself.

Kurucz said he was driving with his wife and was stopped for not wearing a seat belt. The police officers then determined that he had outstanding warrants and took him into custody.

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“I didn’t want to… talk about the crime.”

Instead, he said, his job was to collect personal information on Kurucz so that the Priority Crime Team could develop “the first hook” to draw him into Operation Mr. Big.

Kurucz, who is charged with second-degree murder in the April 27, 2018 death of baby Jayden, also watched the proceedings remotely from his bed in his Calgary home because he was too ill to appear in court, an illness that delayed the proceedings .

The undercover officer said he could gather some personal information about the defendant to pass on to the Priority Crime Team.

“He talked about his interest in video games like Pokemon, Call of Duty,” the witness said.

“He (also) watched street racing … illegal street racing,” he said.

“He was interested in vehicles, fast cars and diesel trucks, he talked a lot about it.”

Judge Glen Poelman has yet to rule on whether the evidence obtained during the undercover operation is admissible. Defenseman Darren Mahoney struggles with a stinger.

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The policeman posed as a cellmate to start Operation Mr. Big, it’s heard in court

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