The ‘world’s shortest cycle lane’ is 8ft long – and sends bikes onto pavement

The ‘world’s shortest cycle lane’ is 8ft long – and sends bikes onto pavement



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Some in Birmingham have dubbed the new bike lane a waste of time and money (Picture: BPM Media)

Brummies have been left baffled by what some have dubbed ‘the world’s shortest cycle lane’.

The eight foot stretch in the city centre was painted on a newly tarmacked road in the run up to the Commonwealth Games. 

Council bosses say it was designed to help visiting cyclists navigate roads during the event but some residents are less than impressed.

The short lane on Corporation Street has been panned as ‘completely pointless’ and a ‘waste of taxpayers’ money’.

Its design – which the council says is supposed to tell cyclists to dismount – actually appears to encourage them to ride on the pavement, some critics claim.

Shopworker Ryan Evans, 32, from Edgbaston, said: ‘It’s ridiculous. I don’t know what’s worse, the fact the cycle lane is about 8ft long or the way it directs cyclists onto a pavement where people will be walking.

‘Not only is it completely pointless that but it’s a waste of taxpayers’ money.

Passers-by were left baffled after what they thought was the 'world's shortest cycle lane' appeared in Birmingham city centre. The white road markings were painted on the road opposite the Square Peg Pub in Corporation Street. The markings, which stretch a few metres in length, are of a bicycle with a sign pointing towards the pavement. The track is enclosed within a broken white line and solid white line. 'Cycle Lane' opposite the Square Peg is not what it seems

The new Birmingham city centre cycling lane in all its glory (Picture: BPM Media)

‘At a time when Birmingham should be promoting itself through the Commonwealth Games, the council turn us into a laughing stock again.’

Dad-of-two Graham Robertson, 50, who cycles from his home in Digbeth to work as an IT consultant in the city centre, said: ‘I’m baffled. I cycle into the city every day and I’ve always thought there needs to be better cycle lanes but not this.

‘How in the hell is painting the world’s shortest cycle lane going to help anyone? It’s embarrassing.’

Birmingham City Council claim it is not a cycle lane but ‘guidance’ for cyclists.

A spokesperson said: ‘These are not cycle lanes but are guidance for cyclists to leave the carriageway and dismount.

‘The various tram track alignments within the Bull Street Corporation Street delta junction mean it is not safe for cyclists remaining in the saddle to cross through these.

‘As the scheme is still under construction, the road markings have been installed before the signs were put up and with the temporary stand down of city centre metro works during Commonwealth Games this incomplete section is not currently open for use.’

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The 'world's shortest cycle lane' is 8ft long - and sends bikes onto pavement

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