These little wooden dolls can actually have a soul


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Teenage Engineering’s new choir is the weirdest and most beautiful product I’ve seen in years. Eight wooden puppets can sing in harmony like a real choir. It might sound scary on paper, but they feel like little magical creatures that could live in a Hayao Miyazaki movie or Adventure time.

These dolls are actually speakers, although I hate to call them that. They are designed to work together to sing pre-programmed songs on their own, or via MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) connection to sing original compositions like your own digital razor octet.

Each puppet has its own processing and communication units, allowing them to work together in harmony to sign anything from Beethoven’s “An Die Freude” — the fourth movement of his Ninth Symphony, above — to the traditional American folk song “I’ Ich.” worked on the railway.” And while they can’t sing like a real choir conducted by Leonard Bernstein, what they lack in vocal realism is what they lack in computerized retro charm. The dolls are also equipped with motion sensors and tactile sensors, so you can activate them by tapping their heads or change the volume by tilting them from side to side.

[Photo: Teenage Engineering]

While technically impressive, it’s hard to describe Chorus as a feature list because, well, I kind of do how these guys. Not really. Look at her. The choir embodies an anthropomorphic quality that makes them feel like living beings with their own personalities – something like that which remains when you look and comes to life when you look away.

Maybe you know what I’m talking about. There’s a car that looks like someone you’d want to go out drinking with, or that tells dad jokes about other cars (I’m looking at you, Volkswagen Beetle). Dieter Rams’ TP-1 combo radio turntable definitely has personality, especially when viewed standing up. Or R2-D2, who might be a domed-headed trash can, but still seems more alive and has more personality than most people I know without me getting involved at all.

[Photo: Teenage Engineering]

Yes, the choir is like that too. It’s the kind of product where form and function blend perfectly to create something that feels alive. This was intentional. Teenage Engineering, goes without saying. On its website, the company describes the Choir as a collection of individuals who come together to produce something more beautiful. “When more than one chorus member gathers in any combination, they communicate with each other and recognize chorus members in range, joining together for a full chorus experience,” the company writes. It’s like family! And like a living, breathing human family, each choir member has their own unique look and tone.

[Photo: Teenage Engineering]

According to Teenage Engineering, the dolls are inspired by wooden figures from around the world, including Russian matryoshka dolls and characters like Carlo Collodi’s Pinocchio. Teenage Engineering even gave them names. Carlo from Italy is a baritone. Gisela, German, is a mezzo-soprano. Bogdan is a Cossack of deep bass. Hatsheptsut is from Egypt, another mezzo-soprano, although she has a range of a3 to f5, while Gisela has a range of b3 to g5. Ivana comes from the Netherlands and is an alto. Miki from Japan (my personal favorite) is tenor and Olga from Russia is alto. Not only do they have different tonal ranges, but the wooden shapes give them a different aural texture.

I really, really do Yes really I’d love to have them all if they weren’t $250 each. That’s probably their only downside – it’ll cost you $2,000 for the whole band, plus $2,000 for the band Optional The OP-1 synth keyboard you could use to make the choir your instrument. Of course, you can also buy just one or two – and add to your collection from time to time. In a sea of ​​generic Bluetooth speakers infested with one-way Spotify streams, the quirky nature and personality of the Choir Dolls seems totally worth it.


These little wooden dolls can actually have a soul

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