This $19 gadget automated my garage without a hitch


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Choosing and installing home automation devices, and sometimes even the best DIY home security systems, can be a somewhat daunting experience. There are so many choices with different products and different ecosystems and price points – it can certainly take some time and research. There’s always something to add or tweak to make it perfect, and with Home Security you don’t want to leave anything to chance. I found this device that helped me turn my garage into a “smart” garage in minutes.

Before I tell you more about this gadget, I want to tell you the pain point it solved for me. I recently added my own home security system, and even though I write about technology for a living, a simple home automation project that requires tinkering with wires worried me. Messing around with gadgets – I love it, but give me a mesh router I can install myself and I could be at sea. I went ahead and ordered the easiest DIY home security system – the Ring Alarm.

I bought a Ring Video Doorbell (battery), some window and motion sensors, a keypad and a base station. I also bought a Ring outdoor camera (battery) for my garage, which is one of the best outdoor security cameras out there right now. Everything was surprisingly easy to set up and I was very happy with my purchase.

Driving to work one day, I suddenly realized that there was a loophole in the devices I had chosen. After leaving the house, I just couldn’t remember closing the garage door behind me that morning. My outside garage camera was facing outside, so there was no way to check from there either.

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The garage is the most common entrance to most homes, but unfortunately none of the home security systems I’ve looked at include a garage door sensor. All I needed was a sensor to tell me if my garage was closed or open, and none of the top security systems companies had such a sensor.

The garage door opener I have at my house is a WiFi Liftmaster. It can be linked to an app called My Q, which should do the job – but unfortunately it doesn’t. I tried pairing it with the app on my phone a couple of times, but it synced to a different frequency in my neighborhood — and of course, it made me jump out of my skin every time my garage door opened. I gave up on that plan and decided that I definitely needed a solution to my problem.

The little sensor that changed my garage

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The smart garage door opener can alert you every time your garage door opens, and you can also use your phone as a remote control for the garage door opener. My Q’s Chamberlain Smart Garage Control has a deal that makes it even cheaper at $19 (currently $10 off) and very easy to install.

I bought the unit and put off installing it for a while because of the huge mess of wires I thought I would have to deal with, not to mention my RF jammed garage door opener. But it was easy enough. The base only had to be connected and stored in the garage itself, while the sensor had to be attached to the garage door. The rest of the installation requires the My Q app.

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The My Q app guides you through the process in detail, step by step, and the detailed video instructions helped me set up in minutes.

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The best thing about this smart controller is that it syncs with most home security systems. It also supports Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit. I connected it to my Ring ecosystem and was able to receive notifications in my Ring app when the garage door was open or closed.

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This device also allows Amazon delivery people to enter your garage to drop off packages if you want to enable this feature and protect your packages from snooping pirates on your porch.

Available on Amazon for $19 (opens in a new tab) this is one of the best smart garage controllers out there and is currently regularly priced at $29. If you are looking for a simple device that will turn your garage into a “smart” garage and give you the ability to control the door via your phone, then the My Q Chamberlain controller is a great option.

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This $19 gadget automated my garage without a hitch

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