Tsa Prepares For Forescasted Busiest Summer Travel Season Obituary 2024

## TSA Forecasts Busiest Summer Travel Season

### Projected Passenger Volumes and Anticipated Busiest Day

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) anticipates a surge in air travel this summer, with passenger volumes forecasted to exceed levels seen during the same period in 2023. The agency expects to screen over 18 million passengers and crew from May 23 to May 29, a 6.4% increase compared to last year. Friday, May 24, is anticipated to be the busiest travel day of the Memorial Day weekend, with nearly three million passengers estimated to pass through security checkpoints nationwide.

### Enhancements and Technology Upgrades

To ensure efficient and secure screening, TSA has implemented state-of-the-art checkpoint technology:

– Credential Authentication Technology (CAT-2): Verifies the authenticity of passengers’ identification credentials and allows for voluntary real-time photo matching to enhance identity confirmation.

– Computed Tomography (CT) Units: These scanners provide 3D images of carry-on bags, reducing the need for physical searches and allowing passengers to keep liquids and laptops in their bags.

### Travel Tips for Passengers

To expedite the screening process and ensure a smooth travel experience, TSA recommends the following tips:

– Be aware of checkpoint technology and follow TSA guidance.
– Declare and pack firearms securely in checked baggage.
– Empty bags before packing to minimize prohibited items.
– Know before you go and pack liquids according to 3-1-1 guidelines.
– Carry a valid REAL ID or an acceptable form of identification.
– Enrol in TSA PreCheck┬« for expedited screening.
– Allow ample time for parking, check-in, and security screening.
– Respect TSA and other frontline airport employees.

### Communication and Assistance

Passengers can contact TSA through various channels for questions, assistance, or to report concerns:

– Text: 275-872 (“AskTSA”)
– Social media: @AskTSA on Twitter or Facebook Messenger
– TSA Contact Center: 866-289-9673
– TSA Passenger Support Specialist (PSS): Request assistance at least 72 hours in advance by calling (855) 787-2227

### Vigilance and Security

TSA encourages passengers to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity or observed threats. Travelers should also review the U.S. Customs and Border Protection “Know Before You Go” page for international travel requirements.