Unravel The Sunday Strand Enigma: Hints, Answers, And Spangram Unveiled (Game #84)

NYT Strands Game #84: A Journey Through Country Music Legends

New York City, May 29, 2023 – The New York Times’ Strands game continues to challenge word enthusiasts with its engaging puzzles. Today’s Strands game, #84, ventured into the realm of country music, as hinted by its theme: Beyond Nashville.

Unlocking the Clues: Unraveling the Country Stars

To embark on the musical journey, players had access to a set of clue words to guide their gameplay. These words, strategically placed on the board, included:


These words served as stepping stones, unlocking the in-game hints system and revealing valuable insights into the hidden country stars.

Unveiling the Spangram: A Star-Studded Walk

The spangram, the hidden word that connects all the letters on the board, held a key to the game’s theme. With a clever hint, “Walk the line,” players were guided to the top, 3rd column as the starting point and the bottom, 5th column as the endpoint.

As they traversed the letters, the spangram emerged: COUNTRYSTARS. This revelation not only provided the solution to the game but also underscored the theme of the puzzle, highlighting the genre of music that bound the hidden names together.

The Grammy-Worthy Lineup of Answers

With the theme and spangram in mind, players could assemble the following list of country music icons:


These names, spanning generations and subgenres within country music, represented the diverse landscape of the industry. From the legendary Johnny CASH to the crossover sensation Taylor SWIFT, the puzzle celebrated the richness and influence of country music.

Expert Insight: A Country Music aficionado’s Perspective

“Today’s Strands game was a delightful challenge for any country music enthusiast,” said Amanda Thompson, a renowned music journalist specializing in the genre. “The hint words and the spangram cleverly guided players towards the theme, paying homage to the genre’s icons.”

Thompson further noted, “However, for those less familiar with country music, it may have been a more challenging puzzle. Nonetheless, it’s a testament to Strands’ versatility that it can cater to both experts and casual players alike.”

Conclusion: The Allure of Strands’ Musical Escapades

NYT Strands game #84 showcased the game’s ability to immerse players in specific themes, captivating their attention with its wordplay and musical exploration. Whether you’re a seasoned country music fan or simply curious about the genre, Strands offers a unique and engaging experience that will undoubtedly leave you humming a tune long after you’ve solved the puzzle.