Unveiled: Sonos Ace, Copilot+, And 5 More Tech Tales That Rocked The Week

## Top 7 Tech News Stories of the Week

7. Sonos Unveils Ace: First-Ever Headphones with Dolby Atmos and ANC

Sonos has made a splash with its debut headphones, the Ace. Featuring Wi-Fi connectivity, these over-ear cans offer a unique audio experience. They seamlessly connect to Sonos soundbars for spatial audio TV playback, a feature exclusive to Sonos Arc at launch. However, the absence of integration with the Sonos multi-room system remains a notable downside.

6. Sonos Roam 2 Debuts with Minor Enhancements

Sonos has quietly released an updated version of its popular Roam Bluetooth speaker, the Roam 2. While aesthetic changes are minimal, including a color-matched logo and additional color options, the audio capabilities remain largely unchanged. Its IP67 waterproof rating and 10-hour battery life are similar to the original Roam.

5. Microsoft Introduces Surface Devices Rivaling MacBook Air and iPad Pro

Microsoft has unleashed its latest Surface Laptop and Surface Pro, armed with new Snapdragon X chips. These chips promise enhanced performance, battery efficiency, and AI capabilities. Benchmarking tests suggest that the Surface Laptop could outperform the M3 MacBook Air in performance and battery life. Early hands-on reviews praise the Surface devices as potential game-changers for the laptop and tablet markets.

4. Microsoft Enhances Copilot with AI and Integrates ChatGPT-4

Microsoft has unveiled upgrades for its Copilot assistant, including integration into the Windows 11 operating system and the addition of ChatGPT-4. This AI integration allows users to receive guidance through unfamiliar apps and games. However, concerns have emerged regarding the potentially invasive nature of the Recall feature, which tracks every user action, including frequent screenshots.

3. Microsoft’s Recall Feature Faces Privacy Scrutiny

The controversial Recall feature, announced by Microsoft, has sparked privacy concerns. This feature enables Copilot+ PC users to track their every action, raising alarms over the potential for unauthorized data collection. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) in the UK is reportedly investigating Recall, while Microsoft maintains that it has implemented safeguards to protect user privacy.

2. ChatGPT’s Sky Voice Silenced Amid Scarlett Johansson Controversy

OpenAI’s decision to create a voice for ChatGPT resembling Scarlett Johansson’s has sparked a dispute. Johansson has expressed discontent, claiming that she declined requests to license her voice. While OpenAI denies basing Sky on Johansson, it has removed the voice from the platform due to pressure from her lawyers. This incident highlights the ethical considerations surrounding voice-based AI technology.

1. Panasonic Lumix S9 Challenges Fujifilm X100VI as a Compact Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera

Panasonic has introduced the Lumix S9, a compact full-frame mirrorless camera tailored for social media enthusiasts. Its small size and dedicated Lumix Lab app facilitate easy sharing of images on the go. While the S9 boasts sophisticated video capabilities, it has some drawbacks, as noted in our comprehensive review.