Unveiled: Today’S 25000 Prize Bond Results: Discover The Fortune Awaits

Rs. 25,000 Prize Bond Draw No. 14 Result for June 10, 2024

Peshawar, June 10, 2024: The Directorate of National Savings announced the result of the 14th draw for the Rs. 25,000 Prize Bond today in Peshawar. The draw was conducted under the supervision of the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP).

Key Information

Draw No.: 14
Date: June 10, 2024
Venue: Peshawar
Prize Amount: Rs. 3 crore

Winning Numbers

The complete list of winning numbers for the Rs. 25,000 Prize Bond Draw No. 14 is available on the official website of the National Savings Directorate, stsresult.com.pk. The list can also be accessed through the link provided below:

[Result Link: Click Here]

Prize Structure

The Rs. 25,000 Prize Bond offers a prize structure as follows:

* 1st Prize: Rs. 30,000,000
* 2nd Prize: Rs. 10,000,000
* 3rd Prize: Rs. 300,000

Significance of the Draw

The Rs. 25,000 Prize Bond Draw is a highly anticipated event for individuals who invest in prize bonds. These bonds are backed by the State Bank of Pakistan, providing investors with a secure and reliable investment option. Unlike stocks or real estate, prize bonds maintain their face value over time and offer a chance to win substantial rewards.

National Savings Performance

The National Savings Directorate has consistently played a vital role in managing government debt and promoting financial inclusion in Pakistan. The Directorate offers various savings schemes, including prize bonds, which contribute significantly to the nation’s economic growth and development.


The Rs. 25,000 Prize Bond Draw No. 14 has concluded with the announcement of the winning numbers. Investors are encouraged to check the official result list to determine if they have won any prizes. The National Savings Directorate remains committed to providing secure and rewarding investment options to the people of Pakistan.