Unveiling The Gateway To Pmf 2024: Annual Exam Results Unveiled

## Punjab Medical Faculty Releases PMF NTS Results for 2024 Examinations

Lahore, Pakistan – The Punjab Medical Faculty (PMF) has officially announced the release of its National Testing Service (NTS) results for the 2024 Annual and Supplementary Examinations. Candidates who participated in these exams can now access their scores online.

### Annual Exam Results

The PMF Annual Examinations were held from June 1st to 6th, 2024. The results for these exams are now available on the official PMF website at www.pmflahore.com. To view your result, simply navigate to the “PMF Results” page and enter your name or roll number.

### Supplementary Exam Results

In addition to the annual exam results, PMF has also released the results for the supplementary exams held on May 4th and 5th, 2024. These results are also available on the PMF website.

### Merit List

Candidates who have successfully qualified in the NTS exams can download the PMF Merit List from the official website. The merit list contains the names and roll numbers of all successful candidates.

### Paper Review Requests

Candidates who have any concerns regarding the accuracy of their results have 15 days to request a paper review. Requests can be submitted online through the PMF website.

### Lab and Trainee Program Results

In addition to the NTS results, PMF has also released the results for the supplementary tests concerning first and second-year medical lab and trainee programs, encompassing both New and Old Schemes. The results for these tests are also available on the PMF website.

### Other Positions

The PMF NTS results cover a wide range of positions, including:

* Dispenser
* CDC Worker
* Lab Assistant
* Lab Technician

### Contact Information

For any inquiries regarding the PMF NTS results, candidates can contact the Punjab Medical Faculty at:

* Website: www.pmflahore.com
* Email: [email protected]
* Phone: +92-42-35947995