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dated: 2022-11-10 17:37:19 .

Up-and-coming dancehall entertainers Valiant and Brysco performed at an event in Montego Bay a few days ago, and while all seemed to be well between the artists, an Instagram exchange developed to suggest otherwise. It is not known what started the alleged quarrel, but insults followed, and tempers flared.

Valiant gave a huge performance surrounded by fans where he sang some of his latest hits including Dunce Check. The artist originally from St. Andrije also greeted Brysco during his performance, while Brysco fired up the crowd by singing his song Encodewhich is a scrappy single that caused controversy when it was first released.

As reported by Fame Edjahz, after the show, Valiant posted a video of his performance on his Instagram account with the caption, “nuh affi jump pan railing, mi done deh pan a level” CLARITY: “This may not have meant anything to others, but as the video shows During Brysco’s performance, he climbed up on the rail of the fence in front of him as he sang, and that seemed to be what Valiant was alluding to.

Clapping back at North Carolina artist’s questionable remark, Bryco took his status and said, “Doh watch eh clarity Watch eh salary. Mi nuh hype wid man tingz Sym Ute. Ask yuh fren dem Wah yuh link on Mobay… #Peopledropoften.”

It’s still unclear exactly what happened at the event, but it seems that tension between Valiant and Brysco is high. It has also fueled speculation as to whether this spark will ignite the flames of conflict between the two Stab in December.

The comments section of Fame Edjahz’s video had mixed reviews of the situation. One fan said: “Brysco is a ONE HIT WONDER!!! That’s it!!!,” while another reasoned, “If brave mek such a post brysco have right fi run him weh.”

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Valiant and Brysco fighting on Instagram? – YARDHYPE

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