Vice President Harris Meets with Chinese President Xi in Effort to ‘Keep Lines Open’


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BANGKOK – US Vice President Kamala Harris spoke briefly with Chinese language head Xi Jinping on Saturday in another step towards preserving traces of open communication between the two largest economies.

Harris and Xi exchanged remarks on Saturday as they headed straight to a closed-door meeting of the Asia-Pacific Financial Cooperation Committee summit in Bangkok.

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“I greeted President Xi before the APEC leaders withdrew,” Harris tweeted. “I maintain the key message that President Biden emphasized in his meeting with President Xi on November 14: We should preserve open lines of communication to deal responsibly with competitors between our international locations.”

Their trade tensely echoed Biden’s remark to Xi at a meeting between the two leaders earlier in the week about China and the US guarding traces of open communication.

A brief statement from China’s Ministry of International Affairs further referred to the Biden-Xi summit on the Group of 20 summit in Bali, Indonesia, which it described as “strategic and constructive” with “key significance in guiding the next phase of China-US relations.” He mentioned that he hoped the vice president would take an active position in working with China to advertise the relationship between the two nations “to return to healthy and safe supervision.”

Relations between Washington and Beijing have suffered friction over trade and knowledge, China’s claims to the island of Taiwan under individual rule, the pandemic and China’s handling of Hong Kong, human rights and various points.

Harris later claimed half at a handover ceremony during which Thai Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha handed over the APEC chairmanship to the US, which can host the group’s conferences next year.

She instructed the current leaders for the ceremony that the US will continue to steer APEC towards sustainable financial progress, building on the solid foundation Thailand has laid this year with daunting new sustainability targets.

She further touted her home state of California, saying “there is no better place to host APEC 2023 than California, a state recognized for financial innovation.”

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“Our hosting year will demonstrate the continued financial commitment of the US to the Indo-Pacific,” Harris said.

“As I made clear during my time in Bangkok: Under our administration, the US is a strong achievement for Indo-Pacific economies and businesses, and we are working to strengthen our financial relationships across the region, along with growing two-way trade flows and free capital flows, which helps tens of millions of American jobs.”

On Friday, Harris presented the US as a reliable financial success story, telling a business convention on the sidelines of APEC: “America is here to stay.”

Harris instructed leaders at the APEC summit that the US is a “proud Pacific energy” and has a “vital curiosity in selling an area that is open, interconnected, rich, secure and resilient.”

After receiving information that North Korea had fired an intercontinental ballistic missile that landed near Japanese waters, Harris called an emergency meeting of the leaders of Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand and Canada during which she called the missile test a “brazen” violation of numerous UN resolutions. – and about security.”

“It destabilizes security within the area and unnecessarily raises tensions,” she mentioned.

“We strongly condemn these actions and once again call on North Korea to cease further illegal, destabilizing acts,” Harris said. “On behalf of the US, I reaffirmed our strong commitment to our Indo-Pacific alliances.”

Her remarks on the broader APEC panel capped a week of high-level outreach from the US to Asia as Washington seeks to counter China’s growing influence within the region, with President Joe Biden pushing a message of US commitment to the region at the meeting. at the Southeast Asian Summit in Cambodia and the G-20 Assembly in Indonesia.

Many Asian international locations have begun to question America’s commitment to Asia after former President Donald Trump pulled the US out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement, which was the centerpiece of former President Barack Obama’s “pivot” to Asia.

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The Biden administration has sought to restore faith and take advantage of growing questions over ties to Chinese-language regional infrastructure investments that critics have called Beijing’s “debt-pulling” diplomacy.

Biden and Harris further highlighted Washington’s Indo-Pacific financial framework, launched earlier this year.

After the APEC assembly, Harris additionally meets with Thai Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha. Details of their discussion were not immediately available, but they were expected to gloss over international and regional points, such as the fighting in Ukraine and the disaster in Thailand’s neighboring Myanmar, where a navy takeover last year sparked civil strife and a humanitarian disaster.

In addition to financial points, the two were expected to talk about a closed and long-term security alliance between Thailand and the US.

Earlier, Harris unveiled a series of initiatives to increase bilateral cooperation on local climate change and financial progress, in addition to addressing drug trafficking and cybercrime within the Southeast Asian region, each of which is on the rise at an alarming rate.

Harris has launched a series of partnerships with Thailand aimed at reducing emissions, advancing clear energy consumption targets and selling sustainable growth, among various issues.

Biden and Harris further highlighted Washington’s Indo-Pacific financial framework, launched earlier this year.


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Vice President Harris Meets with Chinese President Xi in Effort to ‘Keep Lines Open’

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