Wall Street Moguls Line Up For Trump Amidst Legal Storms: Motive Or Madness?

Wall Street Titans Back Trump Despite Criminal Conviction

As the jury declared former President Donald Trump guilty of falsifying business records in a Manhattan courtroom, a parallel verdict unfolded at the opulent Pierre Hotel on Fifth Avenue. Wealthy Wall Street financiers gathered at a fundraiser hosted by billionaire Howard Lutnick, where they collectively expressed unwavering support for Trump’s potential return to the White House, regardless of the guilty verdict.

Money Talks

The Pierre fundraiser, held just days before the criminal trial’s conclusion, revealed the stark contrast in mindsets between the jury in the courtroom and the financial elite in Manhattan. Central to this divergence is Trump’s promise to slash taxes for the wealthy and roll back regulations, policies that appeal to many Wall Street executives.

A Shift in Sentiment

For years, elites in Trump’s hometown dismissed him as an upstart in the real estate industry. However, as the election nears, his promises on taxes and regulation are winning over business leaders. This shift is particularly evident among those who initially distanced themselves from Trump after the January 6th Capitol riot and his repeated claims of a stolen election.

Unfazed by the Verdict

Following the guilty verdict, Trump’s campaign launched a fundraising email portraying him as a “political prisoner,” which generated significant donations. The campaign claims to have raised $34.8 million from small-dollar donors within hours of the verdict. Some of Trump’s supporters, including Blackstone Inc. co-founder Stephen Schwarzman, have condemned the trial as politically motivated and believe the verdict will only increase his support.

Reasons Beyond Money

Trump’s Wall Street backers claim that their support extends beyond financial matters. They cite concerns about antisemitism among progressive Democrats and a perception that Biden’s policies are detrimental to capitalism. Despite significant market gains, low unemployment, and soaring corporate profits under Biden’s presidency, some financiers remain dissatisfied and believe Trump’s return is necessary for a change in direction.

Opportunism and Self-Interest

Some analysts, such as Whitney Tilson, suspect that Trump’s financial backers recognize his potential for victory and are eager to align themselves early to gain favor in a Trump-led administration.


The convergence of Trump’s promises on taxes and regulation with the shifting sentiments on Wall Street has resulted in a growing number of prominent business figures backing the former president. Despite the criminal conviction, their support remains strong, as they prioritize economic considerations and perceive a need for change in the current political landscape.