What Happened To Mark Van Dongen Face?  Death Or Alive

What Happened To Mark Van Dongen Face? Death Or Alive


In this article, you will get all the information regarding What Happened To Mark Van Dongen Face? Death Or Alive

Donggen’s girlfriend Berlin Wallace has been found guilty at Bristol Crown Court of deliberately throwing acid. But why did she want to ruin his life? Read on to find out everything.

Mark Van Dongen Acid Attack: Is He Comatose or Dead?

The deceased was Mark van Dongen. Fifteen days after the vicious bout, he took his own life.

The 29-year-old engineer was paralyzed from the neck down and suffered vitriolage-related loss of legs, ears, and eyes. He was in a coma for more than four months.

Don Eun died through euthanasia, a method of ending a patient’s life to relieve suffering. The application was approved after three medical professionals concluded that Mark met the requirements for “intolerable physical and mental distress”.

On January 3, 2017, he died in a hospital in Belgium.

Donggen’s girlfriend Berlin Wallace was found guilty of throwing sulfuric acid. While Mark was sleeping, she poured the substance on him. Don ended up with a lot of mental and physical problems. He finally made the decision to choose assisted suicide in 2017.

Wallace is a fashion student born in South Africa. She and Mark connected to an HIV dating service five years ago because they both had the disease.

Front and back face photos of Mark Van Dongen

Mark Van Dongen’s face was completely burned after being attacked by acid. His pictures show that 25% of his body was destroyed. Surgeon surgically removed his injured skin.

At the hospital, Dong En can finally check his wounds. He screamed and pleaded, expressing his desire to die.

Only a few pictures of him have appeared in the news; most are not intended for public viewing.

In the hands of Berlin Wallace, his body and limbs were immobilized from the neck down. Following the tragedy, the Dutch engineer was saddened and his mental health declined rapidly. Wallace allegedly threw a glass containing 98 percent pure sulfuric acid, according to authorities.

The allegations against Berlin Wallace – why did she attack her boyfriend?

Berlin Wallace was sentenced to life in prison for her crimes. This is the first life sentence for an acid attack.

Studies have shown that Mark and Berlin have a volatile relationship. Wallace went through multiple breakups between the two, and Mark sent him conflicting signals. He came back to tell her they were still together five years later, but this time he said he was moving in with his new girlfriend Violet Farquharson, 46.

Before the attack, Donn also accused Wallace of threatening and blackmailing him. According to him, Wallace had threatened to hurt his new girlfriend.

As it turns out, Wallace is jealous of Don Eun and his new relationship, and out of pain, she tries to end her ex’s life.

A police investigation revealed that she had been studying sulfuric acid. The data shows that Wallace’s browser was used to search more than 82 websites. The fashion major also ordered an acid bottle from Amazon.

Based on the available evidence, Berlinah Wallace was convicted on May 23, 2018.

What Happened To Mark Van Dongen Face? Death Or Alive

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