Where Is the ‘Coyote Ugly’ Cast Now?

Where Is the ‘Coyote Ugly’ Cast Now?



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In this article, you will get all the information regarding Where Is the ‘Coyote Ugly’ Cast Now?

Tyra Banks was already a supermodel and actress when she joined the cast of Coyote Ugly. However, she admits her cameo role as Violet’s co-worker Zoe still gets her plenty of recognition.

“It’s so funny; I was in the movie so briefly, yet still feel very connected to its legacy,” Tyra told The Post. “I look at the screen, though, and ask, ‘Who is that girl?’ Because she’s [now] so much wiser and … wider. Yay, curves.”

After Coyote Ugly, Tyra ventured into reality TV with America’s Next Top Model and other hosting opportunities. She also became a mom to her son, Yorks Banks Asla. Tyra and her ex, Erik Asla, welcomed York back in 2016.

Where Is the ‘Coyote Ugly’ Cast Now?

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