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Who Are ‘Creed III’ Star Michael B. Jordan’s Parents?



In this article, you will get detail regarding Who Are ‘Creed III’ Star Michael B. Jordan’s Parents?

Michael B. Jordan (Center) with his family

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Katherine Stinson - Author

It’s always a good month when Michael B. Jordan returns to our screens in some capacity. After an epic surprise, a return as Killmonger Black Panther: Wakanda ForeverMichael is now reprising another of his iconic film roles — Creed.

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The thing about Michael is the consistent intensity he brings to each of his famous acting roles. But the other consistent thing about the star is how close he is to his parents.

So, who are Michael’s parents anyway? Were they actors too? Here’s what we know.

Michael B. Jordan, Donna Jordan, Michael A. Jordan
Source: Getty Images

Look up “hello” in the dictionary and you will see this photo.

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Who are the parents of “Creed III” star Michael B. Jordan?

On February 9, 1987, the star was born to Donna Jordan and Michael A. Jordan in Santa Ana, California. It’s not clear what Michael’s dad does for a living, but thanks to him we know Belief starring Michael B. Jordan.

Michael A. Jordan actually started the Jordan family tradition of naming sons Michael, but changed their middle initials. So Michael B. Jordan.

However, the Creed III star once told Ellen DeGeneres (via The US Sun) that he intended to break that tradition with his first son. He said: “The pressure I had to live up to with my dad’s name and I’m not going to put that on my child.”

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Michael B. Jordan and Donna Jordan

Source: Getty Images

Michael and his mom Donna are super close.

Spoiler alert – Michael’s mom Donna was the one Creed III The star felt like he had to apologize after his Calvin Klein commercial dropped.

Michael joked ET Canada yes, “I was like my mother [is going to] I have to see this. Let me call her and say, ‘I’m sorry. It’s here. My work is all on the streets – literally.”

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Can you blame Michael for cringing a little inside at the thought of his mom seeing his (now viral) Calvin Klein ad? After all, she worked at Newark High School of the Arts while Michael was a student there!

To make things even sweeter about Donna’s love for her son, she apparently can’t stand to see him die on screen, according to an interview Michael sat down with Off Camera Show!

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Although Michael no longer lives with his parents (he was happy to finally reach a level of success where he could buy them their own dream home and lived with them around 2018), he is still super close to his mom and dad, even and got a pedicure with Donna before the premiere Creed III.

Michael was also an ambassador for Lupus LA since his mom was diagnosed with the disease in 2000. His parents and other family members were also in attendance when Michael received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Will Michael’s character Creed gets the final victory Creed III, premiering in theaters on March 3, 2023? We don’t know yet, but any actor who maintains a healthy and loving relationship with his parents is a winner in our book!


Who Are ‘Creed III’ Star Michael B. Jordan’s Parents?

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