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Who Is Adam Driver’s Wife? Couple Expecting Second Child



In this article, you will get detail regarding Who Is Adam Driver’s Wife? Couple Expecting Second Child

Adam Driver and Joanne Tucker

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In another case: “Excuse me ladies and gentlemen, he is busy“we present Exhibit A, for Adam Driver.

The star, best known for being Kylo Ren in the movie Star Wars the sequel to the trilogy, she’s been married for 10 years and counting.

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So who is Adam Driver’s wife? How did the couple meet? Do they have children together, and if so, how many?

Here’s everything we know about Adam Driver’s wife and kids.

Adam Driver and Joanne Tucker

Source: Getty Images

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Adam Driver and his wife founded the charity.

Adam met his future wife, Joanne Tucker, when they were both students at Juilliard University (although the actual year they met is unconfirmed, Adam began attending Joanne sometime after he was medically discharged from the Marine Corps in 2004, and graduated from Juilliard in 2009, so the couple met between 2004 and 2009).

They must have been close before 2006 considering the fact that they co-founded a charity Art in the Armed Forces together that year.

Adam and Joanne tied the knot in 2013. According to a report from PeopleAdam didn’t talk about the news of their first child until his monologue Saturday Night Live in 2020, when he joked: “I’m a husband. And a father. That’s in that order, though. I’ve been very clear with my son about that, he’s second in everything.”

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Joanne Tucker and Adam Driver

Source: Getty Images

How many children does the ’65’ star have?

Adam is keeping his six-year-old son’s name under wraps, but via reports from Peoplewe know Adam’s first child isn’t exactly thrilled with his father’s A-list status.

Adam revealed during an appearance on The Late Show with Seth Meyers that[My son] he hates movies… He hates them. I finally showed him Mary Poppins as his first film. He’s like, ‘Eh, it was fine.'”

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So will Adam and Joanne’s second child be any different? Joanne noticed Page Six in February 2023. We have not yet met Adam’s second son (or first daughter!).

Adam and Joanne are usually very private about their family life (aside from Adam joking to Seth Meyers about the fact that his son ended up hating Adam’s latest movie, 65 even though Adam only made the movie because his son likes dinosaurs!)

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Joanne is also an actress.

Did you know Joanne actually starred in one of Adam’s movies? The actor appeared in the movie 2019 Report, on which her husband was the leading man. She is also a dancer.

According to Adam, Joanne helped him adjust to civilian life after he was discharged from the Marines.

He said in 2009 that he struggled to communicate with his Juilliard colleagues (initially he made a few of them cry). However, Joanne kept him focused. Adam said: “She taught me what gouda cheese is… and that you shouldn’t talk with your mouth full and spit on the pavement.”

Adam’s latest film, 65it’s in theaters now.


Who Is Adam Driver’s Wife? Couple Expecting Second Child

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