Who is Kit Young Dating? ‘Shadow and Bone’ Star

In this article, you will get detail regarding Who is Kit Young Dating? ‘Shadow and Bone’ Star

Kit Young in 'Shadow and Bone'
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After the season 2 premiere Shadow and bonemore questions may arise about the life of actor and series star Kit Young, including his relationship life.

The star is seemingly a bit mysterious when it comes to possible relationships. Not only did Kit not talk too much about dating to the news outlets, he also didn’t hint at any previous relationships.

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Keith portrayed himself on social networks as a loving friend, loving brother and co-star. However, the Netflix star has never done that when it comes to a romantic partner. Which brings us to this question: Who is Kit Young dating?

Kit Young probably isn’t dating anyone.

Jack Wolfe and Kit Young in 'Shadow and Bone'

Although the actor has proven to be good at keeping some things private, Keith’s social media also features photos and videos of him with friends and family. In fact, hardly any of his Instagram pictures include people who aren’t his colleagues or relatives.

Keith hasn’t confirmed his romantic status, but the actor is probably single at the moment.

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The actor may be single, but Kit has proven many times that he is definitely worthy of sympathy in the eyes of his fans. While talking to Digital Spyhe even acknowledged how important Jesper’s identity is, including the character’s bisexuality.

“I think the really wonderful thing about the show is that who Jesper is, how he likes to live his life and who he spends time with is just his own choice,” Keith said. “It’s brilliant, actually, that on a fantastic show his weirdness is not taboo.”

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While Kit Young may not be dating, he is ready when Jesper is back on the market.

After the success of Shadow and bone In the first season, Kit went to the “Still Watching Netflix” YouTube channel to create a “dating profile” for Jesper. Keith was clearly having fun during the video, and maybe hinted at what he doesn’t do when it comes to dating.

“Jesper is a mysterious and quite a flirty guy,” Keith stated in the video. “I won’t say that describes me exactly, but I really bought into this role. And no one is a better expert than I am on what Jesper’s heart is like.”

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Kit seemed to be ecstatic throughout the video, and from the way it sounded, there might be a little Jesper in him when it comes to dating. However, due to excellent privacy skills, the audience may never know what Kit really does to win someone’s heart.

Keith has yet to find himself embroiled in any dating rumors.

Since Kit is still considered an up-and-coming actor, he has yet to find himself embroiled in dating rumors or possible love triangles. Although his chemistry with co-star Jack Wolfe is on fire, it was registered that whale is flat.

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Another possible love interest could be his co-star Amita Suman, whom he dated videos with in the past. She herself also published a photo of the two on set, both looked happy and cheerful. But we don’t know for sure that they are more than friends – just a dream!

It looks like Kit will be spending his time focusing on his friends, family and growing acting career. If there is romance in the future for the young actor, fans may have to be patient for updates on his love life.

Season 1 and 2 of Shadow and bone now streaming on Netflix. As of this publication, Netflix has not confirmed whether the series will be renewed for a third season.


Who is Kit Young Dating? ‘Shadow and Bone’ Star

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