Why Do Morgues Prefer to Hire Women? It’s Predictably Gross

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When a Twitter user @beetaylora casual and creepily tweeted“Wait until men find out there’s a depilator [who] ONLY wax women and don’t see male clients because (guess why)? I really want you all to guess why that might be?” Who could have predicted the sea of ​​responses from people who either weren’t shocked, or had experienced instances of men being inappropriate or worse while waxing. Honestly, we all could have predicted this.

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Replies to the tweet were filled with examples of women in other industries refusing to accept male clients because they were previously embarrassed by their unwanted advances. Then one answer caught my eye Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay who tweeted, “Rabbit hole I just went down after learning why morgues prefer to hire women. SMH. Put men in rice.” It’s exactly what you think, and according to one TikToker, it’s a scary story as old as time.

As for morgues that don't employ people

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Why do morgues prefer to hire women? Let TikTok be our guide.

One of the hosts from Retention 101 podcast has moved to TikTok to provide some insight into the history of men and their relationship with the dead bodies of women. “Unfortunately, what Roxane Gay has discovered is something that religions come from something like [2,000] by 4,000 years ago, they had already fit the rules of,” she said.

Brace yourself: It’s because of necrophilia, which, as this woman puts it, is “a gross disrespect for the body, a predominantly male violation of non-male bodies.”

She goes on to point out that both Islam and Judaism have rules about same-sex rituals performed on bodies. The reason for this is “respect and in accordance with the understanding of modesty that those religions consider”. Of course, there is a dark reason for this rule, which is to protect the body from “not dead people”. Even in death, women cannot rest.

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It’s true, some men can’t be trusted in morgues.

People responding to Roxane Gay’s tweet are predictably shocked and horrified by this update. Several people had their own anecdotes, while several Twitter users left this Kenneth Douglas story. According to New York PostIn 2014, he was sued in Hamilton County, Ohio by family members of multiple deceased women whose bodies Douglas abused between 1976 and 1992.

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“After his lewd acts were discovered in 2008 thanks to DNA testing, Douglas admitted in a deposition that he had brutally raped and assaulted up to 100 different female corpses awaiting autopsy during his nearly two decades working at the morgue,” the agency reported. . Douglas claimed that he was struggling with addiction at the time and would never have done it if he had been sober. This is, of course, absolute nonsense.

In time New York Post piece, Douglas was imprisoned for gross abuse of a corpse. Per Prison Legal NewsIn 2015, a settlement was reached between Hamilton County and the families of the rape victims: “The county agreed to pay $800,000; a default judgment of $2.45 million was also entered against Douglas, although it is unlikely to be collected.”


Why Do Morgues Prefer to Hire Women? It’s Predictably Gross

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