X-Men ’97 Season 2: The Mutant Saga Returns On Disney+

## X-Men ’97 Season 2: Comprehensive Preview and Release Speculation

X-Men ’97, the highly anticipated animated sequel to the 1990s classic X-Men: The Animated Series, has left a resounding impact on Marvel fans with its successful first season. As the series gears up for its second installment, speculation and excitement surrounding its release, plot details, and potential future seasons are reaching fever pitch.

### Release Date and Development Status

Marvel has yet to announce an official release date for X-Men ’97 Season 2. However, sources indicate that the series is currently in the development phase, with scripts being completed prior to the departure of showrunner Beau DeMayo.

Marvel Studios’ Head of Television, Brad Winderbaum, has stated that the development process is about halfway complete, suggesting a potential release date in mid to late 2025 or later.

### Confirmed and Rumored Cast Members

Based on the events of Season 1, the main cast of X-Men ’97 is expected to reprise their roles in Season 2:

– Ray Chase as Scott Summers/Cyclops
– Jennifer Hale as Jean Grey
– Alison Sealy-Smith as Ororo Munroe/Storm
– Cal Dodd as James “Logan” Howlett/Wolverine
– J.P. Karliak as Morph
– Lenore Zann as Rogue
– George Buza as Dr. Henry “Hank” McCoy/The Beast
– Holly Chou as Jubilee
– Isaac Robinson-Smith as Bishop
– Matthew Waterson as Erik “Magnus” Lehnsherr/Magneto
– Ross Marquand as Professor Charles Xavier
– Adrian Hough as Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler
– Gui Augustini as Roberto da Costa/Sunspot
– Chris Potter as Nathan Summers/Cable
– Gil Birmingham as Forge

### Story Speculation and Plot Threads

Season 2 of X-Men ’97 is likely to explore various storylines based on the events of Season 1 finale:

– Past Timeline: Professor X, Magneto, Beast, Rogue, and Nightcrawler were transported back in time to ancient Egypt, where they encounter En Sabah Nur, the future Apocalypse. Their actions in this timeline could reshape current events and potentially prevent Apocalypse’s rise.
– Future Timeline: Scott and Jean Grey are now in the distant future of 3980 A.D., where they meet a young Nathan Summers. They must navigate the complexities of this time period, including the ongoing conflict with Apocalypse and Mother Askani.
– Present Timeline: With most of the X-Men team displaced in time, the remaining members, such as Cable, Forge, Jubilee, and Sunspot, may form a temporary team known as X-Force to protect Earth from threats.

### Potential Future Seasons

Sources indicate that Marvel has had preliminary discussions about a third season of X-Men ’97. The critical and commercial success of Season 1 make a renewal highly likely. With an abundance of storylines from the X-Men’s vast history, the series has ample material for future installments.

### Conclusion

X-Men ’97 Season 2 is highly anticipated by fans and is expected to continue the acclaimed narrative from Season 1. While the release date remains unconfirmed, the series is in active development and is expected to debut in mid to late 2025 or later. With its compelling storylines, returning cast, and potential for future seasons, X-Men ’97 Season 2 is poised to strengthen the series’ position as one of the most beloved animated shows in the Marvel universe.