Alia Bhatt’S Powerful Voice For Deepika Against Baby Bump Shaming

Alia Bhatt Stands in Solidarity with Deepika Padukone Amidst Body-Shaming

Bollywood’s leading actress, Alia Bhatt, has extended her support to Deepika Padukone in light of the unwarranted criticism she faced following her recent public appearance.


Earlier this week, Deepika Padukone, who is expecting her first child with husband Ranveer Singh, showcased her baby bump while exercising her democratic right to vote. Subsequent to her appearance, photographs widely circulated online, prompting negative comments on social media platforms.

Faye D’Souza’s Vocal Support

Journalist Faye D’Souza took a strong stand against the body-shaming, expressing her support for Deepika Padukone through an Instagram post. She asserted that Deepika had not solicited opinions on her body or pregnancy and that such remarks were unacceptable.

Alia Bhatt’s Endorsement

Alia Bhatt, known for her outspoken advocacy for women’s empowerment, demonstrated her solidarity by ‘liking’ Faye D’Souza’s Instagram post. This gesture was echoed by Alia’s sisters, Pooja Bhatt and Shaheen Bhatt, as well as their mother, Soni Razdan, who also ‘liked’ the post.

Public Reaction

Faye D’Souza’s post garnered widespread support from fans and followers. Many expressed their disapproval of the body-shaming, emphasizing that pregnant women deserve respect and privacy.

Deepika and Ranveer’s Pregnancy Announcement

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh announced their pregnancy in February 2024, revealing that they are expecting their first child in September 2024. The couple’s joyous news has been met with overwhelming support from both fans and industry colleagues.


The support extended to Deepika Padukone by Alia Bhatt and other notable figures serves as a poignant reminder of the need for empathy and respect towards pregnant women. Body-shaming, regardless of the context, is never acceptable and should be strongly condemned.