Islamabad Hc Denies Plea To Invoke Article 6 Against Imran Khan

Balochistan High Court Dismisses Plea for Article 6 Invocation against Imran Khan

Quetta, Pakistan: The Balochistan High Court (BHC) on Thursday rejected a petition seeking action against former Prime Minister Imran Khan under Article 6 of the Constitution.

Jurisdictional Issue:

The BHC dismissed the petition due to a jurisdictional issue. The petition had been filed by lawyer Amanullah Kunrani, claiming that Khan had violated Article 6 by making alleged inflammatory and seditious statements. However, the court held that the federal high court had jurisdiction over such matters.


The petition against Khan stemmed from a speech he delivered in Quetta in October 2023. Kunrani accused Khan of using the speech to incite violence and hatred against state institutions. The lawyer argued that Khan’s actions amounted to a violation of Article 6, which prohibits high treason and any attempt to overthrow the government.

Court Decision:

After examining the petition and hearing arguments from both sides, the BHC bench, comprising Chief Justice Hashim Kakar and Justice Shaukat Rakhshani, dismissed the case. The court ruled that it did not have jurisdiction to hear the matter, as it was within the purview of the federal high court.


The dismissal of this petition does not preclude other legal actions against Imran Khan. The federal high court could still hear a similar petition if it is filed within its jurisdiction. However, the BHC’s decision highlights the importance of proper jurisdiction in legal proceedings.