Pti’S Fate In Limbo: Central Secretariat Sealed In Islamabad

## PTI Central Secretariat Sealed in Islamabad Amid Non-Compliance and Illegal Construction

### Unlawful Building Modifications and Resistance to CDA Operation Prompt Action

Islamabad, Pakistan – The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has sealed the Central Secretariat of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) in Islamabad over non-conforming use and illegal construction. The operation was carried out in the late hours of Thursday night.

The CDA Building Control Directorate identified a pattern of non-compliance by the PTI Central Secretariat, located at House No 1-A, Street 32 of Sector G-8/4. The authority issued notices on November 19, 2020, February 22, 2021, June 14, 2022, and September 4, 2023. Despite repeated warnings, the building remained non-compliant.

### CDA Issues Warning, Demolition, and Sealing

On Thursday night, CDA machinery was deployed to demolish an illegal additional floor and remove illegally occupied land adjacent to the secretariat. In the process, containers placed by the PTI were also demolished.

### PTI Resistance and Police Intervention

As the operation commenced, PTI activists resisted with force and scuffled with police officers. The Islamabad police arrested dozens of party members under the charges of resisting a government operation and assaulting law enforcement officials.

### CDA Cites Non-Compliance and Illegal Construction

CDA sources stated that the building violated building codes by adding an additional floor without proper authorization. The authority also cited the illegal occupation of land adjacent to the secretariat.

### PTI Condemns Action, Calls for Accountability

PTI Secretary-General Omar Ayub condemned the late-night action, calling it “illegal” and “unfair.” He announced that the party would raise the issue in the assembly and hold the CDA accountable for its actions.

### PTI Leaders Arrested, Activists Dispersed

The arrested PTI members were taken to Aabpara Police Station. Among those taken into custody was Islamabad Chapter party president Amir Masood Mughal.

### Ongoing Investigations and Legal Proceedings

The Islamabad police are investigating the incident and preparing legal proceedings against those arrested. The CDA has sealed the building pending further investigations and legal action.

### Building Modifications and Non-Compliance Timeline

* 2020: Initial notice issued for non-compliance
* 2021: Second notice issued for non-compliance
* 2022: Third notice issued for non-compliance
* 2023: Show cause notice issued for non-compliance
* 2024: CDA operation and sealing of building