Letter: Gery Bramall Obituary Obituary 2024

## Gery Bramall: Westminster City Councillor for Alderney Ward

### City Councillor: An Unexpected Journey

In 1959, Gery Bramall embarked upon a political journey as a Westminster city councillor for Alderney ward. Despite his initial reluctance, Bill Cove, Bramall’s fellow councillor for Alderney ward, recalls Bramall’s reassuring words: “Don’t worry Bill, it’s a Tory ward, we won’t win.”

### A Political Landscape in Transition

However, the political climate was ripe for change. The 1962 Labour landslide resulted in a significant shift in the composition of Westminster Council. Labour’s representation surged from just three to 17 councillors, while the Conservative Party faced a setback.

### Bramall’s Commitment and Legacy

Despite the political challenges, Bramall remained committed to his role as a city councillor, representing the interests of the residents of Alderney ward. His contributions helped shape the local landscape and left a lasting legacy in the community.